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If you’re looking for a great, free text editor. This is a great one!
I believe it has most features (bracket matching, syntax highlighting, FTP upload, spell checker) that are shared by other great editors like EditPlus, UltraEdit etc. But this one is free!
And I find that its diff feature is one of the best I’ve used. I don’t find it in many editors, and the UI looks very nice  Also found out just now that it has a Line Manipulation option that is useful (e.g. copy line, remove blank lines, remove email quoting etc.)
It may not be that much better than other editors but it’s FREE! No nag screen whatsoever.

Microsoft Photo Story

Haha, I’ve never recommended software in my blog. But I come across quite a number of GREAT FREE software lately. I’d love share my findings!
Photo Story 3 for Windows – Microsoft
I still can’t believe this is a software by Microsoft, for FREE! This is such a pleasant surprise. It’s a great great tool for creating photo slide show. The interface is simple to use, wizard style guiding you through each step.
  • Select multiple pictures at import at one time. You can remove red-eye, adjust color levels, or rotate pictures.
  • You can add optional title to each picture
  • Record narration to make sure people un your story (however, a good picture shouldn’t need explanation I think )
  • And here’s the 5-star feature: pan and zoom! You can let it handle the motion automatically or you can specify the start and end position, and it’d pan or zoom for you!!! And many transitions to choose from with preview for each single picture transition
  • Add music to your slide show, a must! You can import your own songs, or use the ones that come with the software. What I like with using the generic ones is that it is smart enough to adjust the music to match the end of your slide show! I think this is very smart!
  • Output slide show as WMV. You can choose the quality you want! I find it funny that the file size of a 6+ min slide show in WMV format is smaller than a 20-page plain photo Powerpoint.

I can’t believe I’m praising a MS software  But this one really does a good job! Highly recommended!