If you’re looking for a great, free text editor. This is a great one!
I believe it has most features (bracket matching, syntax highlighting, FTP upload, spell checker) that are shared by other great editors like EditPlus, UltraEdit etc. But this one is free!
And I find that its diff feature is one of the best I’ve used. I don’t find it in many editors, and the UI looks very nice  Also found out just now that it has a Line Manipulation option that is useful (e.g. copy line, remove blank lines, remove email quoting etc.)
It may not be that much better than other editors but it’s FREE! No nag screen whatsoever.

2 thoughts on “PSPad

  1. Maria says:

    ha, i should try this out! but I bought EditPlus! hahaa

  2. Wilson says:

    good job rosa!  free legal software 🙂  and even one from MS~ hahah~ i\’m proud~

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