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Business Trip

1st business trip ever!  I’d be happier if it takes place earlier and I had more than 1 day notice… but it was stupid to try to find someone in the airport whom you’ve never met before… and nice that I printed his itinerary by accident so I could locate him on the flight, what an exciting way to meet someone!
I managed to finish Tuedays with Morrie in the 5-hr flight. It’s a good book, okay touching, I shed a tears or 2… but I think I like The Five People You Meet in Heaven more…
Some things I learned from Morrie:
  • Think about what you do. Don’t do something because it’s regarded as a right thing to do according to the culture…
  • Experience each emotion fully, recognize what it feels like. So we know how to detach from it (if it’s a bad emotion) if we encounter the same thing in the future
  • Be hopeful and optimisstic (how he can see being completely dependent on someone as being a child all over again…)
  • Tell people whom you treasure that you love them
  • Marriage is something you don’t wanna miss (as if it’s something that I have control over )
  • Pay full attention to people when they tell their stories

Good that I brought 2 books along with me… So I have something to do on the return flight…


Everyone has an agenda…

I went to hear about Steve Mosher‘s talk China’s one-child policy. It’s a really good talk… He keeps your interest, you don’t feel bored at all… I was like, yeah yeah yeah… Then during the break, those who sit around me start wondering… "Hey, he just visited one village, how could he say something THAT representative of the entire China?", and they mentioned how they’ve seen friends our age from China with 2 siblings etc (According to Steve Mosher, the one-child policy started in 1979). Then I was like, oh yeah, I think I’ve seen mainland china people with 2 siblings  as well… It’s not until they mentioned it, my "independent thinking" mode was completely off… After the break came the Q&A session, wihle answering the questions, he covered some of their concerns. I still think he is credible… What makes me (a bit) concerned is that, I seem to believe in things (aka convinced? brainwashed?) by others so easily?? Especially when it comes to *a standpoint that I already identify with, i.e. pro-life, Catholic etc*, then I tend to buy in very easily, without critical analysis. That seems like a bit of a problem… Although I’m very positive that this standpoint that I identify with, is right/moral/ethical for sure.
Another thing that makes me questions about my ability to critical thinking is from reading the Dawn Patrol today. She wrote about someone who posted in her live journal about her experience with Planned Parenthood. The first time I read it, I thought, "oh yeah, they’re bad… how could they keep rescheduling an appointment that is critical to a patient?". Then as I read through the not-so-friendly comments, people criticized Dawn about "basing on a few lines from a blog profile to judge someone", "using a blog entry to prove the PP is bad agenda", "if there is no PP, many people couldn’t have afforded medical tests" etc… Then I started to think, yeah, those are not pointless either, and seems like Dawn didn’t handle it very well… Again, without other people start questioning, I’d have bought in completely again…
So… I guess in order to force myself to practice critical thinking, from now on I need to think: everyone has an agenda…







好好聲兼好好彈, 總算無買錯…



The Art of Facilitating a Fruitful Discussion

Saw it from the Dawn Patrol, a set of well-written rules that should be adhered to for any debates:

Dominated by emotions

I think the most "feminine" thing about me would be my emotions.  How sad?
Happy for no reason, and sad for the pretty much the same reason every time.
How to be emotionally stable? I don’t want to be controlled by my emotions… My brain is incapable of logical reasoning and would just keep 鑽牛角尖. Sometimes, it’s even more mo liu, seems like it’s for the sake of being emotional… Very bak chi
How how how to remain calm and cool? How to not throw temper tantrums easily? How to be more patient? How to avoid having my emotions affecting others?  
I know 淡定有錢淨, so I know I am 窮到窿 all the time…


During the past 2 weeks, I’ve been reading lots of arguments pro and against "controversial" issues (controversial in terms of the world’s view, to me, the answers to these are straightforward) such as abortion and same-sex marriage. I see this as equipping myself with the reasoning I need in case I have to engage in discussions on these issues ever again (learned from the time when I tried defending traditional marriage at, won’t commit the same mistake again). I’ve learned not to voice out when I’m not ready yet… because voicing out without being prepared would only make others attack us more.
In addition to The Dawn Patrol, I also read about The Raving Atheist‘s comment on abortion/Planned Parenthood. Again, heated debates with over 100 comments firing back and forth. I was disappointed/angry about the negative comments targeted towards Catholic, words such as "hateful", "propaganda", "lies" are associated with the Church. I think logical discussion is alright and should enlighten both sides. But from their choice of words, I could only see that these people (perhaps they’re the majority in this world) already have prejudice towards Catholics… I could see how the few posters who indicated their pro-life + Catholic position get picked on… They look at every possible way to attack our beliefs. I’ve become pretty familiar with the arguments from the both sides by now.
Some of the great  comments which made me feel so sorry:

Of course, I feel sad when I see how people bash the Church like that, and how they value life this way… Without looking at this, it’s very hard for me to see how they view the issue:

  • life begins at conception? (they find it absurd.. which I find very absurd) where to draw the line? if a ferilized egg is a life, are the sperms sacred as well?
  • a zygote (they prefer scientific term like that, probably because that sounds more non-human) unwanted is better off killed
  • raising kid(s) under bad economic condition is silly and only do evil to this world by creating a vicious cycle, and the world is already overpopulated
  • pro-lifers are self-righteous, since they try imposing their thoughts on women who want to abort, they leave the women in guilt 
  • how could abortion hurt women?

Lord, help us not despair… This is precisely why I feel called to this cause.


So busy today… oh man~ I want to keep my promise of reading gospel designated for daily mass from EWTN, so just read online quickly. Turns out it’s sth that I can easily catch its meaning
  僱工的比喻 (Mt 20:1-16)
  1. 天國好像一個家主,清晨出去為自己的葡萄園僱工人。
  2. 他與工人議定一天一個「德納」,就派他們到葡萄園裡去了。
  3. 約在第三時辰,又出去,看見另有些人在街上閒立著,
  4. 就對他們說:你們也到我的葡萄園裏去吧! 凡照公義該給的,我必給你們。
  5. 他們就去了。約在第六和第九時辰,他又出去,也照樣做了。
  6. 約在第十一時辰,他又出去,看見還有些人站在那裏,就對他們說:為什麼你們站在這裏整天閒著?
  7. 他們對他說: 因為沒有人僱我們。他給他們說:你們也到我的葡萄園裏去吧!
  8. 到了晚上, 葡萄園的主人對他的管事人說:你叫他們來,分給他們工資,由最後的開始,直到最先的。
  9. 那些約在第十一時辰來的人,每人領了一個「德納」。
  10. 那些最先僱的前來,心想自己必會多領,但他們也只領了一個「德納」。
  11. 他們一領了,就抱怨家主,
  12. 說:這些最後僱的人,不過工作了一個時辰,而你竟把他們與我們這整天受苦受熱的,同等看待。
  13. 他答覆其中的一個說:朋友! 我並沒有虧負你,你不是和我議定了一個「德納」嗎?
  14. 拿你的走吧! 我願意給這最後來的和給你的一樣。
  15. 難道不許我拿所有的財物,行我所願意的嗎? 或是因為我好,你就眼紅嗎?
  16. 這樣,最後的,將成為最先的,最先的將成為最後的。 」

Often times, we’re so proud and so 自以為是, expecting God should treat us the way we expected… When it’s sth that isn’t expected, we complain. But the truth is that God didn’t treat us unjustly, it’s just that we 眼紅 him for being nice to others, whom we think are not as good as ourselves. This is really 一廂情願, and we’re just not humble enough…


A good reminder from the gospel today~

Shopping with our conscience

Maria brought my attention to the TVB special "六十年忘不了", finally saw an episode on Fairchild tonight… The reporters compare Japan with Germany, both being defeated in WWII. Germany suffered in guilt, and tried so hard to cope with their mistakes in the past. That forest of "monuments" (碑林) is the best evidence. The government spent money on it, trying to make the younger generation to be aware of what happened in German history. They don’t avoid it, in fact, with the older generation dying, the government would like to educate the young ones to make sure they don’t commit the same mistake again. Then as the camera shifts, we see how Japan deals with the history… They have museums that show the history, and they explained why they needed to invade other countries, reason being the resources were almost used up, and China has an abundant sources of these~ Oh yeah, so let’s exploit that (開發). Sooo, they justify what they’ve done. The mushroom cloud on top of Hiroshima wasn’t a wake-up call. They were just forced to surrender.
At this age, we’re all so used to Japanese products. It’s almost a synonym of quality. I admit that if I see the "Made in Japan" label, I feel more confident towards the product… It’s pretty hypocritical to say let’s boycott all Japanese products. Look at our lives. I drive Civic, which I think is pretty reliable/maintence-free almost… The TV at my home is Toshiba, rice-cooker/electrical boiler is National, the LCD monitor in front of me is NEC, the digital camera sitting on my desk is Canon… I think we can still justify the purchase of Japanese products because of its quality, but let us be more conscious from now on… (Also a reminder from Maria )  Whether the companies we support are doing ethical stuff… This applies not only to Japanese firms, but many others as well… The ones off the top of my head is Nike (shame on me… I often forget when I see sth nice), Wal-mart, Mitsubishi.. (these are for labour practice and business ethics)… There is another huge list of firms that are associated with pro-abortion actions
Looking at all these brand names, it’s really hard to avoid all (actually not even half) of them… Let’s try our best.


My mood is so good (don’t know why I feel so good today!) that I don’t mind typing Chinese  but silly me, didn’t save draft!! Oh well, I’ll say everything in English… Anyhow, since my mood is good, I decide to share some pics today! 
  • Saw at "Fu Wah" supermarket one 名符其實的布甸狗
  • I haven’t claimed any expense for "optical insurance" since I started working full-time, so I got a new pair of glasses just for this!
  • And this Jap movie that I’ve been looking for, I’ve finally found it today!! I only knew it’s called "Be With You" in English… Watched part of it on my flight back to Toronto in March, finally found it today. The Chinese name is "藉著雨點說愛你". Bad that I could only see it in pirated CD shops , I might order it online I guess…

Being a hocc fan helps me to be God’s tool :-)

I’m so glad today~ There’s a gootoe whom I’ve talked to for a while on MSN asking me faith-related questions
I’m more than happy to share my experience with her la~ (I’ve been waiting for an opportunity like that once I found out she’s Catholic  wahahahaha.) Isn’t is amazing? It’s a pretty mo liu habit to be so crazy about hocc, yet God would still use it as an opportunity for me to inspire ppl (I hope she gets inspired )
Thanks be to God! I’d love to be YOUR tool!!