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I went to a sharing session today held by a friend whose husband regained his Catholic faith during a pilgrimage to Medjugorje.

Just want to jot down the things that struck me:

  • It seems like God reserves the special “signs and wonders” for those who really need to see them. Only those who need to see them will see them.
  • If we only have a tiny bit of faith to invite, God will work wonders. We have to allow God to work. We cannot intervene. (Together with what my other friend told me several days ago, do not think so much about how you feel, it’s important to think about that person. The question you should ask is: what does God want me to do for this person?)
  • The faith/conversion builds up bits by bits. We should not expect a change overnight. We should be sensitive to any progress and be glad about it. We need to persist.
  • The conversion of one soul takes many different people’s work. If all of us do our own part (sometimes it’s just a tiny, tiny part), God would do the rest.
  • Do not underestimate the impact of our action/inaction. Do not ignore someone’s request for help even though you strongly believe he/she would be just fine WITHOUT your help. What if God really wants YOU to help out (for your own sake)?
  • Our sincerity makes a difference. (Getting into the visionary’s house) Even though it was not the “confirmation” that he was seeking for, the fact that they got in after trying so hard made him realize it was indeed a very special experience.


Was reminded about this song because of the FLL radio segment (

The story itself is so touching and the melody & lyrics are simply unbeatable.

Chords can be found key (original D key)–c-allstar.html

For girls G key sounds more reasonable:

天梯 釗峰 @C AllStar Key:G

  G         B
如可 找個荒島
      Em            /D
  C           Bm   Em  C       D7
如冬天欠電爐 雙手擁抱 可跟天對賭

        G         B
無論有幾高 就如絕路
      Em            /D
  C           Bm   Em  C       D7
來跨出那地圖 不需好報 都只想你好

    Em                Bm        
能共你 沿途來爬天梯 不用又忌諱
  C     D7  G
    Em                  Bm
留住你 旁人如何 話過不可一世
  C                 Am7     D7
問我亦無愧 有你可 失去我一切

    Cmaj7         D7
*幾多對 持續愛到幾多歲
  Bm           Em        Bm          Em
當生命 仍能為你豁出去 (不轟烈 如何做世界之最)
    C             Bm
千夫所指裡 誰理登不登對 
      Em      /D

  Cmaj7         D7
幾多對 能悟到幾多精髓  
  Bm   Em        C        
能撐 下去 竭力也要為愛盡瘁
    Am7     D7

  G         B
前方 仍然大霧
      Em          /D
  C           Bm   Em  C       D7
能相擁到白頭 一起偕老 不跟天鬥高

        G         B
前面有幾高 一片荒土
      Em          /D
  C           Bm   Em  C       D7
從崎嶇這路途 開墾給你 可走得更好

    Em                Bm   
能共你 沿途來爬天梯 黑夜亦亮麗
  C       D7  G
    Em                  Bm
留住你 旁人如何 話過不可一世
  C                   Am7     D7
問我亦無愧 有你可以 拆破這天際

Em  Bm       C     D7  G
握著手 而幸福包圍泥牆簡陋
Em  Bm     C           D7
牽著走 懷著勇氣至愛得永久

  Cmaj7         D7
幾多對 持續愛到幾多歲
  Bm           Em
當生命 仍能為你豁出去


The recurring theme of these few days seems to be hope.

Stories that I’ve heard, articles that I’ve read all seem to suggest that transformation is indeed possible. And I’ve started to see a very subtle sign seems to emerge. Lord, help me to have real faith in you. All things are possible with you.

“No heart or family is so deceitful (see Jer 17:9) that the Lord can’t change them.”