Monthly Archives: September 2016

9/28 First day at MOP

​It’s 9:41pm. And I am sitting at a dimly lit corner, on a chair while holding my plastic bottle of water between my thighs. It has been so long since I last slept in a dorm setting. And it’s so different from GT because I had no work pressure at GT. Here, I only have WiFi when Uncle Roque is around. And even though I have a laptop with me, without WiFi, light and desk, I don’t think there is any chance for me to do work that requires laptop. 

The weather is hot. So cold water shower is not too much of a problem, but I still had to pray “all glory goes to you Lord” when I first put my head under the shower head. I have to get used to the 狼狽 way of taking shower in this dorm style environment. 

This is a super busy week for the brothers. They have had 5 shows already, and they will have two more shows for children, then four more shows for the general audience. They have more guests coming than expected. And they still have to run the centers. 

When we joined the brothers at Corpus Christi for prayers, the young faces and the 堅定 conviction of the brothers is inspiring. To see these brothers at such a young age, to commit to live a life like this, must be so puzzling to the ordinary people. 

When we were having meeting with Fr. Henry and Br. Ronel, when the bell rang at 6pm, they immediately started saying Angelus. The pillar that keeps them grounded is the prayer routine and to put prayer as a priority. 

For myself, of course the arrangement of putting us in separate monasteries makes me nervous, and now without WiFi, there is basically no way to communicate with them. In a situation like this, anxiety naturally arises in me. But once again, I would be fooling myself if I expect things will go to happen in a way that works exactly as I wish, when I come on a trip like this. I pray that I will not hinder the work that the Holy Spirit wishes to do through me.