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29 Reminders for Christians

Saw this from CMC bulletin (from some online source):

1. Next time when you think you are terrific, try walking on water.
2. When the devil reminds you of your past, remind him of his future.
3. You are not lucky, you are blessed.
4. If you really want to live, you must go through the experience of death first.
5. Opportunity may only knock once, but temptation is always at the door bell.
6. When we are strong, we often forget God.
7. Those who call out for “Heavenly Father” only on Sunday live like orphans the rest of the week.
8. Do not be self-centered, be Christ-centered.
9. No Christ, no peace; know Christ, know peace.
10. Why we don’t mention God to our friends? Because we don’t mention our friends to God.
11. Dedicate everything you have to God because He has given you everything He has.
12. Is what you are after worth the death of Jesus Christ?
13. Those who make you get close to God are your real friends.
14. God loves us not because of what we are but because of what He is.
15. God’s promise is like stars in the dark of night. The darker the night, the brighter the stars.
16. Life without Jesus is hopelessness without end. Life with Jesus is hopefulness without end.
17. Although I don’t know what future will bring, I do know who rules the future.
18. Leave your heavy burden with God and let it stay there.
19. Don’t be afraid of tomorrow because God is already there.
20. When you are left with nothing but God, you will know that God is all you need.
21. Let go and trust everything to Him. Don’t ever tell God again your life’s storms, but tell the storms about the greatness of God.
22. The one who can satisfy what our hearts desire is the one who created our hearts.
23. Always keep the light in your heart burning because you don’t know who will need it to walk out of the darkness.
24. When our attention is directed only to our work, we work alone; when we pray God goes to work.
25. God is omnipresent, so we can pray anywhere.
26. A person without any need will never be able to see God’s miracles.
27. Worshiping helps remind us of our life’s worth, but the world keeps making us forget that.
28. When the going gets tough, don’t just pray and forget to follow the path God has directed us to.
29. Praying can do many things for us, worrying can do many things to us.