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Revisiting a funeral

Up to this date, I’ve done approx. 5 videos for my friends’ weddings, they are either slideshow or best wishes from people, except one which was a a “parody MV”.

On the past Sunday, I got a request to edit a friend’s funeral, and it’s pretty rush request. That was totally unexpected. I would imagine there would be someone more “qualified” to do it, on a professional level and an emotional level (like, someone closer to her than I am). But in a way, I am glad that I get to do this one last thing for her.

I was a little worried when I started capturing the video. Watching scenes from the funeral over and over again doesn’t sound pleasant at all, especially for scenes that have close-ups of her in the casket. But surprisingly, I felt alright.

As I spent more time on it, I like the songs that she picked more and more. I think it would be nice to display the lyrics as the songs were sung. So I ended up find myself adding lyrics to all four songs (and was enjoying the process).

There is a song named “She Danced”. It is composed by a very good friend of hers. The lyrics are totally about her. I’m sure she loves the chorus:

by Rev. Alfred Lam

You never lived a day that’s not worth your dreams
Never stop dancing, as hard as it seemed
You breathed in the rhythm, flowed with your movement
Lost in the music, alive to the moment

Your life is for living; Your art is for giving
Fear conquering, pain overcoming;
So I’ll live my days just looking, looking, looking to that day
The day of “The Dance”

Queendy, thanks for planning the funeral. I like everything you picked.

All I Once Held Dear (Knowing You)

What A Friend We Have In Jesus

I Can Only Imagine


“Coming out” as a Catholic at work

The Confession iPhone app has been out for a while and was featured in tons of media during the past 2 days. It was such a hit topic that it was mentioned by a co-worker during our bi-weekly team meeting this afternoon.

As soon as it was mentioned, people started saying things like that’s how people can confess their sins now, right there with the app. And some people regard it as a sin tracker. I couldn’t help but jumped in to say that the app is supposedly for PREPARING for the sacrament, before people go see the priest. People are NOT supposed to confess to their phones! To make sure my point is “valued”, I identified myself as a Catholic and that I’ve already looked into the app.

I think this is the first time I “came out” formally as a Catholic at work. (Some people might have already noticed when they pass by my desk, seeing the pictures of Jesus and Mary on the CMC calendar.) Now that my Christian identity is made public, I have to work harder to make sure my actions and behavior are worthy of my identity.

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Counting my days

Ever since the passing of a dear friend a few weeks ago, I have become very conscious about time. How could I allow time be wasted on unimportant things (e.g. watching low-quality TV shows) when our time on earth is so short?

When lines like “seize the day” or “live every moment to the fullest” mean nothing more than cliché to us, that’s when we have to be careful. Things always take an unexpected turn when we are the least prepared. How can we be so sure that “we still have time” or “our loved ones still have time”?

During tonight’s dinner, we talked about the importance of having a will prepared well in advance. It was something I never thought about before.

We just don’t know what’s going to happen tomorrow.

Teach us to count our days aright, that we may gain wisdom of heart. (Psalm 90:12)
求你教導我們詳數年歲,使我們達到內心的智慧。(聖詠集 90:12)


Speechless, salute to 伍仲衡! I could not find the chords just with guitar, I had to use my keyboard.





編曲:Richard Yuen

This site is helpful:

BbM7       x13231
Am7        x02010
Gm7        353333
FM7        xx3210
Dsus2      xx0230
Gm9        353335
A7sus4     x02030
F#dim7     xx1212 or xx4545
Cadd9      x32033
D5         xx0235

        BbM7      Am7     Gm7    FM7
(女) 男共女的事 總有人偏私 未花光心智 人便透支

        BbM7       E        A
(男) 男共女的事 深究無意義 或有可能慢慢地去摸索便成事

    Dsus2        Gm9     Dsus2      Gm9
(男) 戀愛不見得叫人坐不安心怯慌 並沒耐性預計失望

Dsus2         C         F  D/F#
只想可與她吃和喝 倦極睡到不見陽光

        BbM7      Am7     Gm7     FM7
(女) 誰亦說得易 得我在反思 共他的相處 如像對峙

        BbM7       E        A
(男) 誰亦有本事 戀到傻痴痴 若你堅持善用在你心那份童稚

    A7sus4(?)                F
(合) 如講起戀愛這課題我不需跟你一般見地

A7sus4(?)                F     F#dim7

             BbM7     Am7
(男) 假使只願每刻講道理 神經也枯死

      Dsus2      D
(女) 忘記去照顧眼口耳鼻

         BbM7    Am7       D/F#
(合) 就當參加遊戲 場中各施各法術與秘技

Bridge: BbMaj7  Cadd9   D5

    Dsus2        Gm9     Dsus2     Gm9
(女) 早已不記得幼時與他怎瘋與癲 現時面臨萬個考驗

Dsus2       C           F  D/F#
猜測爭拗中經營這家室 獨個操控場面

        BbM7      Am7       Gm7
(男) 其實有些事 不說便不知 或者不該說

(合) 愛是懷疑

         BbM7      E
(女) 還是你不知 戀到傻痴痴 沒法解讀

(合) 浪漫後再相處是何事

    A7sus4(?)                F
(合) 如講起戀愛這課題我不需跟你一般見地

A7sus4(?)                F   F#dim7

             BbM7     Am7
(男) 假使只願每刻講道理 神經也枯死

      Dsus2      D/F#
(女) 忘記去照顧眼口耳鼻

         BbM7    Am7       D/F#
(合) 就當參加遊戲 場中各施各法術與秘技

Bridge: BbM7 C  Dm  BbM7   C   A

    A7sus4(?)                F
(合) 如講起戀愛這課題你不需跟我諸多顧忌

A7sus4(?)                F   F#dim7

             BbM7     Am7
(男) 即使愛著那位不是你 無需對不起

      Dsus2      D/F#
(女) 來鬥鬥氣也算種趣味

         BbM7    Am7       D/F#
(合) 或更需感謝你 來跟我參透愛情那意味

         BbM7    Am7       D/F#
(合) 下次街中遇見 來打個招呼請勿客氣~~