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The Wedding at Cana

Today’s gospel is about the Wedding at  (John 2:1-11) – Jesus’ first miracle. Fr. Dan was the one who gave the homily at the mass I attended. It was so good! He brought up many points that I’ve never thought of before.
God’s Hour
He pointed out that Jesus uses "hour" as opposed to "time" (時候 vs. 時間) when He replied to Mary’s remark. (I don’t know if I got the terminology exactly right…) "Hour" is the particular or appointed time by God. When we pray, we need to remind ourselves that God is going to take care of us at His appointed time. We shouldn’t need to worry about it.
Mary’s Role as an Intercessor
Fr. Dan pointed out that this miracle is different from Jesus’ other miracles. This miracle wasn’t a must. In other cases, if Jesus didn’t heal or feed the crowd, there would be more adverse effect. This miracle wasn’t really necessary. If it didn’t happen, the newly wed couple would just feel embarassed for not offering enough wine, that’s it. Jesus didn’t plan to perform such miracle beforehand.
Mary only said four words: "They have no wine."
It was a very simple remark that stated the situation. Mary didn’t add anything more. He let Jesus decide what to do with the situation AT HIS OWN TIME. In the end, Jesus helped this couple because of His reverence to Mary. (Something funny struck me when Fr. Dan mentioned it, it’s like亞媽叫你做,你係孝順仔,你做唔做吖? ) So Mary really intercedes for us, this convinced me…
Fr. Dan also said that when we pray, we should be like Mary. Simply tell Jesus what the situation is, and let Him decide what is the best thing to do at the best time, not making suggestions or TELL Jesus what He should do. (We aren’t his boss!)
Those who are lowly are blessed
When the miracle happened, very few people actually knew that it had happened. The couple didn’t know, the guests didn’t know, the steward of the feast didn’t know. Besides Mary, only the servants who had drawn the water knew! The people who were higher up didn’t know of Jesus’ wonders. Jesus revealed His glory to those who are lowly.
These points are very inspiring and I’ve never thought about this miracle so deeply!! Thanks Fr. Dan!