Monthly Archives: September 2008

Today’s (or yesterday’s… since it’s 1:13am now) gospel is the parable of landowner hiring labourers for his vineyard (Mt 20:1-16). We had a discussion at WCCC2 on Saturday night. We spent quite a bit of time to discuss whether this "makes sense" or not, like whether this can be applied in our daily lives. Some of us have trouble with settling for the "unfair" treatment. Even though the first batch of labourers had agreed with the landowner about their wage for the day, the fact that they had to work for so much longer than the latest batch and still received the same amount seems absurd to most of us. In 20:15, the response from the landowner triggers uneasiness among us.
During mass, there is a message that struck me. The feeling of unfairness is based on the assumption that the first batch deserves *more* than the last batch. But this landowner thinks the last batch deserves the BEST too. If what the landowner gives out is the BEST, there is no way for the first batch to deserves more than the best, since they too receive the best.
Fr. Wan stressed a few times in his homily that God’s generosity is beyond our imagination. And that is exactly what puzzles us. We’re puzzled because in our own minds, we put a limit to God’s mercy. And at the same time, our original sin kicks in to make us think the late comers should receive less than we do. It’s as if we forget that without God’s mercy to us in the first place, we wouldn’t be who we are today. We’d still be in big deep trouble, like those who struggle to get hired in the parable.
Thanks God for being 寸 to us. We need your 寸ness to remind us how badly we need to rid ourselves of our selfishness.