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The world is going nuts

Transgender New Yorkers Can Choose Bathrooms At MTA Stations
Look at this post at Dawn Patrol where I originally came across the article:
Then look at the comments (194 and growing) people left about this:
So apparently it’s wrong/discriminating to disagree with letting men use female washrooms as long as he feels like a woman. And yes, the transwoman needs to be protected and other females can simply be ignored. That makes so much sense.
Lord have mercy.


My GT06 group has a group committment of having each of us send out a reflection for the designated month. Oct is my month. This gives me a good chance to gather my thoughts…

As promised, I’m going to post my "reflection" . It’s basically thoughts that came to my mind lately. They aren’t very organized, hope you wouldn’t mind =P
1. Perception of God
Lately I realized one thing that I’ve been doing all along that I really shouldn’t have done. I tend to oversimplify things. I tend to perceive things in only 2 ways: black or white. There are many things that can’t be categorized like that.
Lately I realized I’ve been perceiving God in a restrictive way.I tend to test if something fits one category, if it doesn’t fit, I’d automatically assume it belongs to the other category. My mind has been so restrictive to allow for a 3rd possibility. And that’s sooooo wrong. God is almighty and unlimited in every way. We could only see and know Him if we open our hearts. Trying to fit Him to our predefined views is to reduce Him to what He is not. That’s one of the worst possible things that we can do!
2. Ecumenism
This is one of the intentions that we often hear in the prayer of the faithful when we attend mass. At other times, I don’t really think about it. Last night, I was lucky enough to be able to attend the fundraising dinner of a Christian group called "Across U-Hub" http://www.acrossuh (comes from the same HK Christian org called Breakthrough) . And in there I see how they truly live out their faith, even though they don’t promote their faith explicitly.
I have a few Christian friends but I never bother finding out what they do. And I always have this prejudice against them that they are agressive and tend to convert people. After last night, I finally realize we all have a role in achieving Ecumenism. We need to put down our prejudice, humble ourselves, to learn about the other faiths (especially the Christian faith). That’s the very beginning to achieve unity.
3. Parents
I’ve had worries about my parents, especially my mom, since her health wasn’t very good in the past. And for some resason I had weird dreams one night about her health. It suddenly strikes me that we may not have much time to spend with our parents. (It’s something we’d never want to think about. But we have to.)
My friend forwarded a slideshow to me last Friday. I didn’t see it until tonight. My tears fell at no time.
How come it seems so hard to spend a short while to listen to them after a long day (didn’t they also have a long day after work? how come my day seems longer?)?
How come I feel so hard when I have to explain to my mom what an English letter is about?
How come I feel so hard when I have to teach her how to use certain functions in Word?
How come I feel so annoyed when she tells me what to do when I drive?
My friend reminded me in her email: stop the judging, start the loving.

Learning to be more mature

Work has been crazy for the past few weeks. That has its good and bad. The good side is that you didn’t have time to think about things that you shouldn’t think about, and you get really good sleep at night. The bad side is you didn’t have time to spend time thinking about things that you need to think about, and to spend time for rest (phyiscal and prayers…)
It’s good to have a long weekend after this crazy work when I can really come to rest and spend some quiet time with God.
After all these years, I’m still so immature. I still find myself very annoying (both to others and to myself). I still find myself having unreasonable expectations of others. I’m still so self-centred. There’s this inner anger and unrest that’s caused by stupid reasons and I’m just preoccupied with this. I’m sure others can feel it too… I’d like to get rid of it, really want to get rid of it. I want to be let go of these stupid anger and feelings of being treated unfairly. I want to embrace all that I have and not look at what I lack. I want to see things from the bright side and stay positive. I want people around me to be happy and make myself happy at the same time.
It’s a season of Thanksgiving. Unluckily I found myself buried in anger and complain mode for the 1st half of it. But luckily God reminds me once again how much I have that I need to give thanks for.
God, strip me from the feelings of being treated unfairly, strip me from my anger. Let my heart be open to Your goodness in Your ways, not mine. Help me see Your love in Your ways, not mine. Help me love. Amen.