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Knowing more about God

I didn’t really understand the meanings of today’s readings, so read again online… New American Bible is really good, with nice explanations in the footnotes. The first reading (Hosea 2:16-17, , 21-22) ended with this line:
I will espouse you in fidelity, and you shall know the LORD.
And the footnote says "It means not an abstract but a practical knowledge, i.e., acknowledgment of his will, obedience to his law."
I remember on the other day, I read that it’s impossible to love something/someone unless you know it/him/her. It seems like I don’t even know God yet, coz from the above description, to know him means to acknowledge his will, and obey his law <= I always wonder what’s God will.. it seems like I always follow my will instead.
One song that fits this moment…

Open The Eyes Of My Heart

Open the eyes of my heart, Lord
Open the eyes of my heart
I want to see You
I want to see You

Open the eyes of my heart, Lord
Open the eyes of my heart
I want to see You
I want to see You

To see You high and lifted up
Shinin’ in the light of Your glory
Pour out Your power and love
As we sing holy, holy, holy

Open the eyes of my heart, Lord
Open the eyes of my heart
I want to see You
I want to see You

Open the eyes of my heart, Lord
Open the eyes of my heart
I want to see You
I want to see You

To see You high and lifted up
Shinin’ in the light of Your glory
Pour out Your power and love
As we sing holy, holy, holy

(Repeat two more times)

Holy, holy, holy
We cry holy, holy, holy
You are holy, holy, holy
I want to see you

Holy, holy, holy
Holy, holy, holy
You are holy, holy, holy
I want to see you

Holy, holy, holy
Holy, holy, holy
Holy, holy, holy,
I want to see you

(Repeat five more times)



Time for some seriousness…
What does PBA stand for? It stands for Partial Birth Abortion. It’s one of the worst things you could do to any humans. Learn more about it from this blog entry on Dawn Patrol (check out the comments especially… to see how some ppl like playing word games.. an attempt to make this act sound *better*)
Let’s pray for the ban of this nasty act.

Knowing more about me

I’m sure I’m among one of those who have the most free time on my MSN list… wohohohohoho~ That’s why I can spend so much of my time on mo liu stuff like this  Sure, sure… let’s see what I have to say about myself
General Info…
Names on MSN:
  1. (+) Nobody (C) ~ <followed by phrase that describes my mood>: the (+) has been there since our late JP II passed away, I followed whoever started it to show my respect for him, and figure that I’d leave that on my MSN nick indefinitely. Nobody – way back in 2003, I was pretty mo liu one afternoon coz I couldn’t find anyone to talk to  I felt like a "nobody"… that’s when I started calling myself a nobody – it’s good to remind ourselves to be humble! The (C) was there to show I couldn’t survive w/o coffee (see my last blog), but that cup now holds tea!
  2. bunnyyappi: The yappi part traces back to my history as a crazy X-Files fan. There was a stupid psychic in the show who named himself "the Stupendous Yappi". His speech was stupid in a funny way, so I picked yappi… The bunny part has not much reason to it. I find the word "bunny" pretty *funny*, and bunnies are cute. And combining 2 words into 1 makes it easy to sign up for free email  That’s when I started using the nick bunnyyappi online. (See my last blog for my bunnyyappi avatar)
Birthdate: Oct 6
Birthplace: Hong Kong Sanatorium and Hospital
Current Location: TO in Canada
Eye Color: brown I guess
Hair Color: somewhat brown since I dyed my hair
Height: I don’t know my real height, it’s 155 cm on my drivers license
Righty or Lefty: righty
Zodiac Sign: Libra
Your Heritage: 2/3 of my life so far was spent in HK, my Chinese is better than my English
The Shoes You Wear: bare feet right now… if I have to go out, I wear my pretty worn out Diesel, or if I have to go to work, I wear my pretty worn out black leather (hmm, probably not real leather) shoes
Your Weakness:  Unable to tidy my room, it’s always a mess… Unable to keep my voice down
Your Perfect Pizza: I don’t like pizza that much, pizza brings back OT memories from my 1st work term….   
Goals You’d Like to Achieve: Lose some weight, Be happy, Be healthy
Hobbies: reading… sleeping… telling jokes… or act like a joke myself, haha
Your most missed memory:  3B term in UW with 2 smart girls working on the OS project… the sleepless nights were all cool
Your most overused phrase: "WAH!" (my way of saying hi to some ppl in MSN), "wan yeah..", "baby"
Your thoughts first waking up: what day is it? do I have to work? where am I now? (a confusion developed during the undergrad career, living in loo and TO)
Your bedtime: around 1-2am from Sun-Thu (after dinner nap from 9-9:xx), around 2-3am on Fri, Sat 
What makes you laugh? stupid jokes/funny conversation/stupid songs spinning in my head
Most Memorable Moments With The People…  (to list a few to preserve my privacy )
Maria  OS nights… days studying DC… Canada Day fireworks… and 1 night in William’s doing MATH 237 assignments (the night I learned the dude at BMO cancelled my offer  for the 3rd work term)
Amy  movies I saw within the past 2 years… haha~ OS nights too… who fell asleep at 12am everytime.. self-defense
GT04  the meeting for brainstorming themes… the "fingers mah jong" on the way to local visit and Boston… Anges’ tofu on my head
WCCC dinners after meetings, tuen nin dinners~~
WCCC2  unlimited water supply, guitar… how it started again!
My Favorite…
Food: chicken wings, pork chops, mangos…to list a few
Book: the 5 ppl you meet in heaven (latest… novel…), entertainment goldfish eye (comic)
Place of serenity: my bed (sleeping or lying to listen to music)
Music: hocc! (yea~ rocks rocks.. fav: 未來)  at17, Jan Lamb/Soft Hard, Jay Chow (the 2002 ones), Faye Wong (pre Nick Tse ones)
Color: blue, black, khaki
Stores:  ha, what stores??
Drink:  tea (Jasmine or green tea) at work, grapefruit tea, orange juice, water  
not good at any kind of sports, don’t even know how to bike , also have a history of "winning" the Low Score Champion in a bowlinig tournament at work
Vacation Spot:  hmmm… it’d be nice to go to Europe again!
Season: hmmm… summer in Canada, winter in HK
Restaurant:   Dicken’s, Fong Ga Siu Goon (1st Markham), Gum Fung (my latest discovery), Gwunt Shek @ T&T mall
Altered Reality…
If you could visit anywhere: Israel would be a nice place to visit… if my mom ever allows
If you could speak any language: talk to animals… dogs, cats, bunnies, cows, lions and hippos
If you could have one super power: to heal, physically and spiritually (what an angel I am )
If you can perform a miracle: turns all the politicians into Christians! wahahaha 
If you could get something you wanted (not need):
 a boyfriend..hahahaha (yeah, I don’t need one, but having one would be nice) 
If you can go back in time: bugged parents enough so that they’d let me join scouts
If you can have a diploma in any field: "How do tidy your room to fit everything you want to keep" 
Dream job: a job where I don’t need to think much, that makes me feel good, not to worry about boss… can’t think of any now
If you can change a physical feature about yourself: thinner lower body pls…


Okay, now I have to tag ppl… I doubt who else have so much time as I do, or if they’d know they’re tagged  Let’s see…


Vivien.. MunMun Yip




Nothing is impossible

Nothing is impossible. I once thought what the world will be like without Tim Hortons… Tim Hortons is still right at where I work… But I don’t need it anymore!
Bunnyyappi still holds a cup, but it’s tea, no longer coffee!


Read an article from Mingpao’s 副刊 (yesterday), really good~ Let me share with you
差異    關麗珊 
有些朋友不喜歡甲﹐說甲扮天真﹐好像什麼都不知道。 有些朋友不喜歡乙﹐說乙是博士﹐卻對生活瑣事一無所知﹐我倒相信博士未必知道在中環乘哪輛巴士去慈雲山的。

My weekend

This weekend turned out to be more 精彩 than I thought~ Spent quite a lot of $$ too , but they’re spent in good ways I guess…
Friday night
The special BSP session on "how to study the Bible" is really good~ Many topics were covered… About the Canon of the Bible (the list of the books to be included), about the different version of Catholic and Protestant bibles (Edmond Lo’s pick for English Catholic bible is New American Bible, Chinese is of course 思高), and the demo of how to use the Strong’s Concordance (Kings James Bible (Protestant) searchable by keywords) was funny too  And I realize I should really get a copy of the catechism… After hearing this session, I realize if I really want to memorize what I got from the bible, note-taking is a must… Really gotta work on that
I’ve thought of getting guitar lessons for so long… I first thought about it like last Jun or sth  I finally registered for classes!!! Starting on March 2nd… Hopefully with someone correcting me (and forcing me to practice) I’d get some improvement!!! After going to register for my classes ($18 per lesson… for 3 months = 大出血#1) I went to Future Shop to check out the Canon S2IS (for some weird reason, I fell in love with it instantly after I first saw it during Fri lunch @ Metro Sq.) Future Shop had it set up but you couldn’t really take pic with it… It looks pretty cool… But I feel guilty to really get it, coz I don’t take pics often… And I got my last camera is less than 2 years ago
For dinner, surprisingly we went to 金鳳… a tea restaurant… Sis was saying she really wanted to eat 海南雞飯, after dad banned going to 金象, he suggested we should go to 金鳳 instead, for it serves really good 海南雞飯… And it was really good wor! We ordered 2 of that, curry beef brisket, some 魚翅骨豬骨墨魚丸米線, and grilled escargots with mashed potatoes (now that while I’m typing what we ordered, I found out it’s such a weird combo of food…hahahaha) And all the food was very good lor~ Wah, how much do I love this tea restaurant… Will definitely go more often
Then went to WCCC2… When I got there, there were 4 of us (2 being the owners of the home)  Then I was like, let’s play MJ?  Luckily more ppl showed up afterwards, and we ended up having ppl! We watched the end of super while waiting for ppl (with hocc… yea!) Then we watched "In the Name of the Father", one of the specials of 始 終 係 天 主  produced by the HK diocese (btw, the theme song was sung by 葉麗儀)… It talks about what names does God have, and what do the names imply~ Then the next episode addresses some of the FAQs, why does evil exists? why do we have sufferings etc… One part is very touching… It talks about a couple finally having their baby… after 3 miscarriages… The couple taught their kid to say good morning to the 3 elder brothers/sisters everyday… They’ve got a painting with 3 kids there… The mother explained the names given to those 3 kids… And the dad talked about how he hid in the hospital washroom to cry… Arrgg… After watching the video… We played a bit of guitar (hmmm… John played most of that.. coz I don’t play well  Hopefully my guitar lessons will help!!!) Then we chatted for sooo long!! And the guys played with the pro cameras… And we had chocolate… Can’t believe we left at 12:30!!
After yum cha, mom and I looked at phones @ New MongKok, coz hers failed to ring at times… After going back to bug the girl for a few times, we finally bought the phone with prepaid card… So she finally gets a color photo phone la… And that’s my 大出血#2
This afternoon I went to Paul, Bonny and Seto’s sharing session about their Jamaican trip… The Missionaries of the Poor is indeed amazing~ I can’t imagine how these brothers could leave their homes (they could only go back to visit after like 6 years… 10 years… ) and just work among the poorest… day after day… Their sharings might sound funny (about how to stop breathing b/c of the smell, the 蝦碌 stuff of handling this and that…) but those brothers work there everyday.. with hardly anything (shoes are so 爛 but they wear them w/o complaints)… I won’t spoil all the details (esp the most overwhelming ones…), coz they’re going to hold a public sharing session at CMC on March 5th (Sun) after 2 pm mass at Don Bosco Hall. Come and hear their experiences!! I’m just gonna share a few lines of the song that we sang at the end of the sharing… The brothers there truely live out the lyrics:
Yours is my life,
I abandon all I am to you my God.
Yours are my hands,
Oh yours are my feet.
My heart and soul are yours my Lord and God.
Your love and grace are everything I need.

Everything You Always Wanted to Know About God (but were afraid to ask).

This looks like a book that I’d like to get after reading an excerpt of it. Most reviews at Amazon are praising it but a few said it introduces no enlightenments and the author tried too hard to be funny~ Hmm..
From the excerpt I think he’s a pretty good writer, and that he brought up an important point: being religious isn’t necessarily good, having a relationship with God is the real thing.
More quotes from the excerpt:
  • Many people are religious and have zero relationship with God. In fact, being religious can be a bad thing.
  • For many people, being religious and morally "good" are nothing more than fancy ways of trying to manipulate God into giving them what they want.
  • Without a relationship with God at its core, all religion devolves to superstition. And superstitionwhether or not a person calls it that—is against what God wants for us.
  • So God doesn’t owe us anything. He is our loving Father who would do anything for us; he’s not some adversary we are bargaining with! He wants us to see that, and to see that if he gives us good things, it’s because he loves us, not because he owes us.

A nice practice homily on Valentine’s Day

Came across a link to a nice practice homily by a seminarian on Dawn Patrol~ It’s for a homiletics (what a word!) course… I think it’s very well-written~




Pray for Candace

I came across this prayer request while browsing the Dawn Patrol. Please visit and pray for this young girl who was diagnosed with a large mass in her pelvic region. She already had many surgeries and had been fighting with viral infection. Please pray for her and sign the prayer calendar.