How a Japanese Movie Reminds Me of Mercy

I am sitting on the AC015 flight to Hong Kong now, just finished watching the second movie: 深宵食堂 midnight diner. It’s an interesting movie like most of the Japanese movies I have watched.

The diner is run by a guy (people call him Master) in his 50s with a scar over his eye and face. (The movie never explains the scar, but I would assume he was probably a 從良了的江湖大佬). This place is like a community or cell group of its own. The customers know one another and feel comfortable with sharing personal stories with each other: broke up, had an affair, challenges at work etc. And the Master has a merciful heart, when people have nowhere to go, he would offer to help, starting by cooking something they want to eat.

What I find special is how people can open up so much, to share very difficult struggles. In some cases, like the woman who had an affair with a rich guy, when he died, at first she didn’t have any inheritance, and in this place, a young fellow expressed interest and they quickly hit it off, and the relationship ended the moment she found she had a share with the guy’s money. The other folks find this woman pretty bad and criticized her. But after a while she seems to be welcomed again.

People’s struggles are very unique and real, despite the fact that I don’t fully understand some of the details. The girl who came from rural place, who had nowhere to go, ate 霸王餐 at first and went back to ask to be hired. And the first thing Master offered was a few bucks so she could have a bath.

And the story between the man who lost his wife in the Tsunami, who got led on by the volunteer… Going all the way to Tokyo to ask to be with her, facing the rejection and acted out… Turns out the volunteer used the volunteer experience to help get herself back together after being dumped with the boss whom she had an affair with…

The weird cop and the delivery girl, who seems to be 弱智… Very interesting and warm interactions.

And the scene where the customers ate there in Halloween costumes, it’s not funny funny but it’s interesting in a way that I can’t articulate.

I think what touches me is the kind of relationship that people can build when they open up, not afraid of being judged,  whatever mistakes they had committed. And that’s a place where new people can join and be accepted. The Master helps me understand what being merciful is about. It’s being gentle. It’s not being super nice to you that the receiving end doesn’t know how to pay back. It starts by offering something small, it’s a gesture to show the other person “I delight in your existence” (from “Consoling the Heart of Jesus”). This gesture is small yet is the most important thing to establishing the relationship, it’s supposed to meet the need of that person at that moment.

Japanese movies amaze me that the stories are so unique and so full of 人性, so realistic and so 有血有肉.

From 情書, to 藉著雨點說愛你, to 禮儀師之奏鳴曲, to 告白, to (unknown: about a man played by 唐澤壽明 who played a PowerRangers figure), to (unknown: about how a young guy gifted in music formed a band with friends, but was manipulated by the agent), to (unknown: how a family survived the Tsunami), to 字裡人間, to 誰調換了我的父親.

Wish to see these movies again…






  • 凡支持安樂死合法化的議案都投贊成票
  • 任何跟墮胎有關的議案都投票支持,令加拿大繼續成為世上少數沒有任何規管的情況下,只要嬰兒未完全離開母體,都能被殺害的國家



今日 陳奕迅


F              Am
今日事情如不順 今日問題如不盡
    Cm               D
像處圈中圈 了斷也了不斷
      Gm              Bbm
若今日你倦了 頹然哭 容許我送贈暖
    Dm       G7      C
准我漫漫長路末端 亦如初戀 

F              Am
當日熱情燃不盡 今日熱情仍不盡
    Cm               D
就算怎都好 你願我更加願
      Gm              Bbm 
共跨盡冷及暖 甜和酸 才可以算是共存
  Dm       G7      C
能共患難 才是認真的有緣 

        F             Am             Dm
抬頭吧 相信愛你便能飛 敢交出你會創出傳奇
    Gm              Ebm          C
變幻人生是避無可避 卻沒人可驅使愛別離
        F             Am
抬頭吧 黑暗過會是晨曦 懷著樂觀總有轉機
    Bb           F        G Bb   C       Dm
今天珍惜今天 逢凝望我心所愛的你 我已彷彿會飛  

F              Am
今日像明日一樣 今日任何日一樣 
    Cm               D
就算怎辛酸 愛護你我甘願
      Gm              Bbm 
沒揀擇冷或暖 甜和酸 晴天雨季缺或圓
  Dm        G7      C
全部受落 才是活得真正全 

        F              Am            Dm
抬頭吧 相信愛你便能飛 敢交出你會創出傳奇
    Gm              Ebm         C
變幻人生是避無可避 卻沒人可驅使愛別離
        F             Am
抬頭吧 黑暗過會是晨曦 懷著樂觀總有轉機
    Bb           F        G
今天珍惜今天 逢凝望我心所愛的你 能敖翔天和地 

抬頭吧 相信愛你便能飛 敢交出你會創出傳奇 
變幻人生是避無可避 這份情愛卻永不會死 
抬頭吧 黑暗過會是晨曦 懷著樂觀總有轉機 
今天珍惜今天 逢凝望我心所愛的你 我已彷彿會飛



自星期日早上起來,喉嚨已不舒服。到了星期三,不單說話走音,連想大聲一點都有困難。有人在電話留言找我(sorry, 我不是想說〈愛我請留言〉,但公司電話真的有人留了言給我:P) 我只能用電郵、短訊回覆。今早起來,經過數次服用抗生素,聲音大了很多,接近正常水平,也沒有走音情況。雖然仍不時咳嗽,但出乎意料之外,聲音回復了八成,令我整天心情好了很多。今天晚上參與聖週四的禮儀,很自然的想跟著唱,才發現雖然說話沒問題,但是完全唱不到。於是禮儀裡的歌只能動口,在心裡唱。我喜歡唱歌,雖然沒有很大表演慾,但在彌撒中、在車廂中、洗澡時、在k房唱歌都是我很喜歡的。


不知從何時開始,我正常說話的聲線是很遠以外的人都會聽到。我經常要面對的「煩惱」是如何不要不自覺地說得太大聲,我要很刻意才能把聲線壓低。很多人跟我說我這種聲線是最適合教書的,不用咪高峰,山頂的朋友也聽到,多好! 而有趣的是,明明在小學期間,經常有老師說我答問題不清楚,聲音太小,究竟是什麼時候,發生過什麼事,令我無需用丹田說話都聲如洪鐘,只會被人嫌大聲呢? 真的記不起。

我時常在想為什麼給我起中文名的爺爺會給我選「鳴」作為名字? 由於他身在遠方,我出生時他有否看過我也成問題,他為何會覺得「鳴」跟我相配? 難道真的人如其名? 世事真有趣。

返回正題,本來我寫這篇是要分析為何聲線對我這麼重要。聲線是一個表達的渠道,是最唾手可得,最能自然表達自己想法、感覺的一個方式。我們常常聽到「要為xyz發聲」,為什麼? 因為很多人、很多團體/族群原來很用力都發不了聲。我們有能力發聲的一群,有否察覺自己有義務為這些人說話,除了說自己想說的話,會否借出自己的聲線助他們一把呢?





Thanks to my guardian angel

When I was driving home after work, after getting past Kennedy, the road was slippery. My car slipped, good that I could control it. Just after I got control of my car, I saw that the car in front of me slipped and spun. And when I looked at my rear view mirror, I saw the car behind me also slipped and hit the curb. I couldn’t believe it. It was like a scene from TV. I looked at the cross hung from my rear view mirror. After a long and tiring day, with my mediocre driving skills, thank God my car didn’t slip crazy. Lord, thanks for keeping me safe.

生命中的 CS 341

上星期和幾位朋友回到大學,緬懷一下那幾年的大學生活,看看校園各處有什麼改變。回到Notre Dame Chapel,那是當年每星期WCCC聚會的地點,亦是我讀書考試最徬徨無助時會回去的地方。在那幾年大學生涯中,最叫我徬徨無助的是CS 341。

CS 341 (algorithms)是我大學生涯上最難忘、最難頂的一科。(為非CS讀者解說一下,在Computer Science裡,algorithms就是計算的部驟。如果要寫一個program,譬如這program要搜尋database裡一項資料,要寫這個program,你就要去想清楚要怎樣做才搜尋得到,而且要用最有效率的方法去做。)對我來說,這一科的所有功課和考試題目,都是無厘頭的IQ題,是我不能理解的。我大學生涯中唯一一次mid-term不合格的污點,就是這一科造成的。

我一直不覺得自己聰明,我能在大學得到不錯的成績全因為勤力。當董建華說自己7-11時,我考試期間的schedule亦是7-11在library渡過。CS 341令我最感無助的是這科完全不能讀,我感到束手無策。這科甚至令我重新質疑自己是否真的選錯了科(大鑊的是那時已經是第三年了)。我記得在那次mid-term派卷後,我大受打擊。我步行到chapel,在聖體櫃前跪下,便哭起來。

完成大學以後,CS 341以不同方式再次在我的生命出現。它的特徵是不論我多努力,都沒有成果(或當初自以為還不錯,之後才驚覺自己已闖了一次又一次禍。)

感謝天主在大學時讓我第一次學習倚賴祂,沒有什麼比在耶穌前哭更能使我平靜下來。CS 341讓我認清誰是我的救星,使我明白人不能只靠自己。

The Prayer of Examen

When I went for a silent retreat at Manresa two years ago, I came across the Prayer of Examen. I found it to be a good way of concluding a day. I even bought 2 books, one in English and one in Chinese. But I never really put it into practice. I’m glad that this time in retreat I finally got to try it under the guidance of a Jesuit brother. I will try to do it once a day. I want to keep it up!

The Prayer of Examen

  1. Place yourself before the Lord – Be still, and know that I am God (Ps 46:10).
    Take as much time as you need to calm yourself interiorly and become aware that you are in God’s presence.
  2. Give thanks – look back at your day (or week, month, year) and give thanks to God for the blessings that you have received. Do not rush. Take your time to give thanks. Be thankful for all things, not simply those that you think you should be thankful for (the taste of that cake that you enjoyed, etc)
  3. Prayer for the Light of the Holy Spirit to guide you through the Examen so that you may see the day through God’s ‘eyes’.
  4. Finding God in All Things – God indeed is very active in our lives, though we often fail to recognize it. Go through your day chronologically, looking at your day through God’s ‘eyes’:
    • when did I recognize God’s presence and accept the invitation to follow Him in a situation?
    • how was my prayer today? Consolations/Desolations in prayer?
    • how were my interactions with others? Was I generous? Peaceful? Kind? Good?
    • try to remember the interior movements in those moments: joy, hesitation, frustration, peace, etc. How did you respond to them? Are there any trends that you are noticing?
    • did I turn my back on the Lord at some point during the day?
    • have I indulged in a particular weakness/sin/habit today that I am trying to overcome?
    • did I lack in generosity, goodness, kindness, etc. towards others today?
    • pay attention to interior movements – what ‘sets off the bomb’?
  5. Respond to God in Dialogue – talk with the Lord about your day. What bothered you the most? What did you find most consoling? Bring all your concerns, doubts, joys, etc. to God in a conversation.
  6. Prayer for Help for the next day – Give thanks to the Lord for showing you these things and ask pardon of God for your failings. Make a resolve for the next day – what will you try to improve (make a commitment)? Finish with an Our Father.

Behind the scenes of a mid-life crisis

This article has been super inspiring:

She just has the ability to put into words feelings that others can’t articulate (just look at the comments).

And I find this comment inspiring:

The living God is the great I AM, not the great I MIGHT BE. One reality is better than a million possibilities.



看《舌尖上的中國》,其中一輯的主題是《轉化的靈感》,一些食物(如黃豆)本來乏味單調,人體也不太喜愛(吃後釋放大量boot boot),但經發酵後,變得完全不一樣,連本質也徹底改變了。在發酵的過程中,食材經過時間的洗禮,像被施了魔法一樣。黃豆被磨成漿,混入石膏粉,加入酸水,過了一段時間,竟長出毛來?! 我本身對想得出把石膏粉和酸水加入豆漿中的人深感敬佩,但在毛豆腐的製作過程中,時間的魔法才令我感到最神奇不已。沒有了時間,一切都無法成事。



Extended listening/reading/watching:
Crooked Lines
God keeps all our lost memories
CCTV-纪录片【舌尖上的中国】~第3集 转化的灵感

The Making of DHL: Totally Out of Control

This post documents what I went through during the production of the FLL episode 生命不對秤 Live and Let Live, as well as the website

There are pictures throughout the post, if you want to view it all at once, you can click here.

NOTE: I also link to different timestamps of the episode throughout the post to pinpoint the specific shots. This way you get an idea the work involved for getting individual shots :P.

How It Began

It all began with an email I got on Apr 26, 2012.

That’s when the first hour of debate on Motion 312 was going to be held in Parliament. Even though I’ve always considered myself pro-life ever since 2001, I wasn’t really aware of this Motion 312 initiative until the day before, when I heard from the news on radio. I didn’t fully understand what it’s all about, but it’s good to have debates being held in Parliament regarding abortion – a controversial issue that so many people are not willing to talk about.

The email asked if FLL is going to cover March for Life this year. For 2 or 3 years in the past, I brought my own camera to March for Life, to film whatever I could (in however amateur way), so that I could post on YouTube to show people how many young people are there each year, because the mainstream media would only show a picture of an old man sitting in a corner instead of the 10K+ crowd. I couldn’t think of any reason to say no to this request, to cover an event that I consider worthwhile, with a proper production crew. So I just said yes.

It turns out I am going to “lead” a campaign on the dignity of human life (code name: DHL). When I agreed to do this, I have to say, I didn’t even know what “dignity”  really means. Killing humans is wrong. That’s a no-brainer. But what is all this “dignity” stuff about?

The Preparation

I started doing research to prepare for the March for Life filming on May 10. I read up on Motion 312, what it proposes, what is going to happen when it passes, what is a motion (vs. a bill), how do the pro-choice people argue against it etc. I started reading up on the past bills that were proposed related to abortion. Little did I know so much effort was put in by pro-life MPs at the Parliament, to introduce legislation that attempts to fill the complete void regarding abortion in Canadian law. I started digging LifeSiteNews: which MPs are pro-life and are still in service (some have retired or lost), what trends do pro-life activists observed etc.

Then I drafted the rundown for the filming. In my plan, it would be *nice* to film some interviews with the pro-life MPs, my candidates are Stephen Woodworth, who introduced Motion 312, as well as Rod Bruinooge who introduced Bill C-510 (against coerced abortions) in 2010. I also wanted to interview top pro-life leaders like Jim Hughes (president of Campaign Life Coalition), Dr. Alveda King from the States (not even sure if she would attend this year), and Angelina Steenstra (from Silent No More Awareness Campaign). I had no idea how it might work out though. They would just get on stage for a brief time, and then they would be gone.

We had a conference call a few days prior to the filming with everyone involved. We discussed the plan: who would operate which camera? what shots would we need?  who would partner up with whom etc. We all knew it’s going to be adhoc (as with filming any events, or in general, any filming) and we were all ready to 執生.

As I studied the March for Life program schedule more closely (which is a multi-day event, not just “the march”), I found that there was going to be a candlelight vigil the night before, which I had never attended. What caught my attention was that it would be held at the Canadian Tribute to Human Rights Monument. I looked up more details in Wikipedia, and I found that the monument has the first article of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights written on it: “All human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights”. Whoa! Do I still have to think about it? Go go go, let’s film it!

The Trip: Totally Not My Plan

I got off work at 3pm on May 9. And the traffic was sooo bad. I was late when I got home. And when Patrick (the primary camera operator for this episode, a TV production team member) and I finally left my home for Ottawa, the highway was jammed soooo badly. When we arrived, we saw that people already started walking from the church to the site of the vigil, their hands holding candles.  When we were finally ready to film, it was already 20+ min into the 1-hour vigil. It was dark but we filmed whatever we could.

On the next day, we arrived way before the program began. After filming miscellaneous shots, we occupied a good spot in front of the stage (all other big cameras were already there). The rest of the FLL team from Toronto finally arrived when the program was about to begin. Everything on stage was filmed, speeches by MPs and bishops etc. The MPs were introduced one by one and they each gave a brief speech. When they were done speaking, they just left. It was very clear that we wouldn’t be able to film interviews for any MPs, because the main camera occupied the good spot, it was not possible to chase with the camera, and once we left we wouldn’t be able to be back at the spot again.

And then the march began. I partnered up with Patrick who operated the main camera. Daniel (FLL staff who works for TV production) and Paul (aka FLL director) each operated a camera. They would follow the march at different spots so that we could all capture different things.  Patrick and I filmed an interview with Kevin (a friend of mine, who wrote the lyrics for the pro-life song 胎中的呼聲) first, before we joined the huge crowd for the march. When Patrick, Kevin and I left to join the march, we were at the end of the crowd. We decided to find a shortcut so that we could be ahead of the 龍頭, this way we could film the most. So we just cut through the streets, we rushed and we weren’t even sure where we were. But eventually we saw the 龍頭 again, we got ahead of them and could film as the Silent No More people walking toward us as the 龍頭, followed by Knights of Columbus, followed by people holding the giant March for Life banner walking toward us and past us. It’s the first time I could catch that in all my years of attending March for Life. Hohohohoho! I didn’t expect we could catch that at all.

After filming the crowd walking toward us for some time, I tried to look for people from the crowd for some streeters (i.e. 街頭訪問). I was specifically looking for young girls, because for a topic like abortion, it is very important to include voices from women (that’s what I learned after posting my amateur videos on YouTube, commenters would think I must be male, and would accuse me of not including any women speaking on stage in my video). With little effort, I got two young girls to agree to do a quick interview. All went well. Patrick told me after the interview that a pro-choice protester deliberately tried to ruin some shots by holding a sign in the background, but most of it should still be ok. We filmed one other short interview of Kevin’s friend. And then we met Paul. Paul helped us grab Peter Sinn’s son for interview. I love his direct, no-nonsense answer. And I am really impressed that this year is his 4th time of joining March for Life, consider how young he is!

After the march, we went back to Parliament Hill, where members of Silent No More Awareness Campaign went on stage to talk about their healing journey from abortion. We filmed some speeches. And then the main camera went to film interviews of the Chinese participants. Many people were willing to be interviewed, it was quite a line-up. What caught my interest was when Jeannie (from the pro-life group in CMC parish) told me one lady in the group was assigned to do Family Planning stuff when she was in China. I went to talk to her at once. She had seen and performed abortions herself when she was in China. When she came to Canada, she became a Catholic. And she said she learned a lot from Theology of the Body. What a witness! A first-person witness for one-child policy, what more could I ask for?!

After the interviews, Paul suggested Patrick and I to warm up a bit. It was a pretty cold day. So we went to a place nearby to get some hot drinks. What surprised me was that… when we got back to Parliament Hill, the crew was setting up, ready to interview Angelina Steenstra!  I couldn’t help but thank God at once. I thanked Him for how things happened without my presence. I totally got my interviewee for free! Even though it was raining a little (Paul had to hold the umbrella for Angelina the whole time), Angelina gave a complete account of her journey, after I asked one single question (see, it didn’t even matter what I asked! :P). It was a very moving account. I am not a hugger, but I gave her a hug first thing when she finished talking.

We went to eat at Tim Hortons after Angelina’s interview. And before heading back to TO, Paul, Patrick and I went to film shots of the Human Rights Monument. What a fruitful filming trip 🙂

The Website

A big part of the campaign was to put together a website. Paul got in touch with Kwan Ho (also from the pro-life group in CMC parish) to help with that. (He was the originator who asked about covering March for Life.) He was very resourceful and looked up a whole pile of articles, many of them from academic journals which I had no access to. He put together a summary of information. We planned for the website to launch in mid-July, assuming the vote of Motion 312 would take place in Fall. And then on May 16, I found out from Twitter that the second hour of debate would most likely be held on Jun 7, and the vote would take place the week after.

The news made me all 方寸大亂. Would there still be enough time to launch a website before June? On May 17, I got an email from upper management saying that all teams were required to work on the Victoria Day long weekend. Perfect timing eh? Our manager then said our team would have to come in to work in the office for one day, to honor that company-wide commitment. When my team lead discussed with me which day I preferred to come in to work, I said Saturday (coz I still wanted to go to church on Sunday). Then my team lead just told me the majority of the team preferred to come in to work on Sunday, knowing I am a Catholic (and not knowing there is evening mass that I could go to on Saturday :P), he said that I could work from home (since there wouldn’t be anyone in office even if I got there) on Saturday. Bingo! This is how I got on VPN all day Saturday and worked on the website the entire long weekend 🙂

The original plan was to do a bilingual website. But due to the lack of time, the site was only in Chinese.

On Jun 2 6:14am, a mass email was sent out by FLL core team to announce the launch of

(The vote ended up happened in September because Stephen Woodworth postponed it due to his mother’s illness. His mother ended up passed away in August.)

My Jaws Dropped

After the website was launched, I had to get back to the big question. What should the TV episode cover?

Even though we filmed a pile of stuff from March for Life, most of it were b-rolls (non-interview shots that could be used for inserts). I dug out other footage that were filmed last year. There were short interviews filmed at Life Chain (prayerful, silent protest at an intersection). We filmed the entire Pro-Life Dinner at CMC last year. But for sure all these combined wouldn’t make one 24-min episode.

On Jun 24, I received an email which says that Alex Schadenberg, the executive director of Euthanasia Prevention Coalition, would deliver a talk at CMCC for the cancer support group on Jul 28. A light bulb came up in my head, should he be an interviewee? I looked up some of the interviews he did in the past. He is certainly articulate and he answered straight to the point. The only thing left was that I wouldn’t be available to do the interview on Jul 28. I contacted Jeannie (who is also part of the cancer support group) and Alex accepted the invitation very quickly. And Amy (a good friend of mine, also a staff with FLL TV production currently on mat leave) was available to do the interview for me.

Having an interviewee to talk about euthanasia now, I thought I could really start thinking about the content of the episode.

I started researching more on Alex to prepare for drafting the interview questions. In one of his articles, he wrote about a disturbing TV program that Global TV aired in March. The program interviewed a mother of two severely disabled adult children. They currently live in a long-term care facility. The mother indicated that she would rather have them euthanized, because she was sure that her children wouldn’t want to live like that. The program also interviewed Robert Latimer, who went to jail for killing his sick daughter with carbon monoxide. Alex mentioned in his article that the Nazis opened the door to euthanasia by first euthanizing disabled, mentally challenged people. One of the very first euthanasia was conducted after the father of a severely disabled child wrote to Hitler to request to have his son euthanized.

My mind was still blank, how should I tie unrelated things (March for Life, abortion and euthanasia) together?

In my prayer during morning drive one day, I got an idea, I should go ahead to read Evangelium Vitae (Gospel of Life) in its entirety – the encyclical written by JPII on the dignity of human life. I think this is the first time for me to really read an encyclical with effort. And I love JPII all the more after reading it.

When I had written half of the outline, I said to Paul one day: it would be nice if we could have a lawyer as an interviewee, since we would talk about abortion laws. Paul said there might be a (Chinese) lawyer that he could ask.

On Jul 21, Paul sent out an email saying Peter Chen (who coordinated the Motion 312 effort for Chinese Catholics) could connect to Stephen Woodworth, he would meet up with some people in TO on Jul 28. That would be a good opportunity to interview him.

My jaws dropped when I read that email. Oh my goodness, what more could I ask for? Stephen Woodworth is the lawyer I need! And he is the one who introduced Motion 312. All the pieces of the episode were now in place. Once again, without ANY effort from my part, another interviewee fell from the heaven for me 😀 And guess what, some of the prep work that I did before March for Life filming and for the website would now come in handy. I’ve already done my homework!

Interestingly, both Alex’s and Stephen’s interviews would have to take place on Jul 28. I couldn’t physically be there to conduct the interviews myself. How nice it would be if I could interview Stephen in-person. But that’s ok.

Let the Post-Production Begin

After getting all footage at the end of July, I worked non-stop. By now, I’ve read so much on the subject. I could throw out fact after fact to make my points. The interviewees all gave really good answers. I just need to pick out the best. It’s just the voiceovers that need to be written. Due to the heavy historical content that I would like to include, it means the voiceovers would get really long. It would mean a whole lot of fun during editing. But that’s ok.

On Aug 14 at around midnight, both Bonny (FLL core team & TV team member, Paul’s wife) and Paul have reviewed my first draft. Paul sat down with me to go through his thoughts. He told me a number of things that need to be addressed. One big problem was the tone throughout the entire episode. My voiceovers sounded so strong. Since the interviewees already gave strong answers, if the voiceovers also used such a strong tone, some viewers might be turned off and stopped watching the program altogether. And then there were passages that I copied straight from the encyclical into voiceovers. Those sounded all odd because they were translated, and the viewers wouldn’t understand the content (because it’s originally meant for Catholics). There were many changes to be made. It wouldn’t be a quick fix. It was clear the air date needs to push back for one week in order for me to fix it to an acceptable quality. I was a bit caught by surprise when I heard this feedback. I was so confident with my work. I was a bit mad at first but I could see the issues when I worked on it again the next day. I spent another few days to fix the script. On Aug 21 midnight, the script was finally approved.

The next thing was to get voiceovers recorded. I already had a VO talent in mind: Charles. He has a 雄厚 voice which makes things sound convincing. On the day of VO recording, I worked from home in the morning. Before heading to FLL office, I went to borrow some books. You might wonder why I wanted to borrow books when the script was already written. To a TV producer, books are lifesavers. I ended up borrowing 9 books from 3 libraries. With the books, I could get shots of book covers and inside pages. These shots were super useful.

After the VOs were recorded, the last stage of the post-production began: fill in all the visuals. This episode is heavy on voiceovers. Approx 13 mins of the episode are voiceovers, I had to find things to fill up all this time. What made things more difficult was the kind of pictures that I need were NOT pleasant at all. I had to look for pictures of the holocaust and the Nazis. I had to look for pictures related to abortion. When you search for abortion in Google Images, many pictures that show up are dismembered fetus. So I had to sort through many scary pictures in order to find pictures that could convey the right message but not too bloody/scary. At some point of the editing process, I told Bonny and Paul that I felt like I was working on a 900-page PowerPoint. I believe the episode used over 100 images. On Sep 7 midnight, the visuals were all filled in. I could finally hand it over for final audio mixing/touch-up before broadcast.


  1. Divine Help: This is the first project that made me really aware of divine help. I said yes to agree to take on this project. The more I worked on it, the more I became aware that I was actually fighting a battle. When I asked for help and inspirations, God provided the weapons for me to continue with the fight. When things went out of my control, He is in control. Without His help, nothing could be done.
  2. God’s Time: Many years ago, Maria (a good friend of mine) and I tried to put together a pro-life website for CMC’s pro-life group. We tried to cover many topics all at once. We did research. We were halfway into implementation. And then the project 爛尾 because we ran into issues with customizing the content management system. I felt pretty bad about it. I certainly let people down. This time around, the resources were all there for me. Web-hosting is free. I had someone who helped me with research. And it’s so much easier to put together a website with WordPress in 2012. I feel like this is God giving me a chance to complete a project that was abandoned. And this time around, the website got to serve in the Motion 312 campaign. God’s timing is the best.
  3. Putting My Fire to Good Use: People who know me probably know of my 火爆 character. Ever since I became aware of the evil of abortion, I had tried to commit myself to help in the cause. As I was doing research for the episode, I came across so much evil things: how the Nazis lured midwives and doctors to register disabled infants with monetary reward, how Dr. Henry Morgentaler performed abortion for a TV program to air on Mother’s Day etc etc. My entire self was burning as I read pages after pages of horrendous crimes committed against humanity, and I told myself that I must expose this evil for the world to see. I found the channel for my fire to serve constructive purposes.
  4. Putting My Loud Voice to Good Use: During the summer, ever since I came across the Motion 312 postcards, I kept thinking how I could utilize them. And then I realized maybe I could talk about Motion 312 in GT (ECCCLC, Eastern Canada Chinese Catholic Living Camp), and then I could give out postcards to engage the youths to contact their MPs. I contacted the GT committee and they accepted my offer. Even though it was tough to prepare for the GT presentation and work on the episode at the same time, I was so glad to be able to share with the youth. I am really thankful for this opportunity because my own “pro-life conversion” was a result of me attending a talk in 2001.  After I gave my presentation, Paul Tam (FLL core team member & radio team coordinator) came telling me that my voice is really suitable for “lobbying” and it’s full of passion. (Finally I can consider my loud voice a gift – usually people would complain I talk too loud.)
  5. God is Kind: After all the hard work, on the Sept 15 weekend (when the episode went on air), I got a little reward in the form of a fortune cookie message. 😛

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