Jesus’ Way of Love

Yesterday was Holy Thursday. I was deeply moved by the One Bread One Body’s reflection on the gospel. It talks about how some Christians risk their lives by going to mass due to their love for the Eucharist. How true. Just this past Sunday, we see many Coptic Christians lost their lives during the Palm Sunday mass. These are martyrs.

I have been thinking of ways to resume going to daily mass lately. In order to make it happen, all I have to sacrifice is less than one hour of sleep. Not to say that in where I live, the chance of losing my life while attending mass is minimal. I actually live close to a number of churches. Not going to daily mass really makes no sense. Lord, it just shows how weak I am and how little love I have for you. Help me love you, in my weakness…

Last night, after receiving the Body and Blood of Christ at the Lord’s Supper mass, I pondered on what transpired at the Last Supper. It was the last chance for Jesus to be with the apostles, whom He had chosen after much prayer, whom He called by name. Having spent 3 years with them, they still had absolutely no idea what Jesus was going to go through. They were not really paying attention to what He had to say and talked/ argued about silly things.

The thing is, these are the men handpicked by Jesus! When He called each of them, He knew their potential, in being great saints or terrible sinners. It’s the same with how He calls each one of us, or allows Himself to be consumed or even desecrated by humbling Himself to the appearance of bread and wine. He is fully aware of our sinfulness, yet He is willing to be in union with us.

This is Jesus’ way of love. He loves me, a weak, self-centred sinner with the same love that He loves the saints.


One thought on “Jesus’ Way of Love

  1. Amy says:

    Yes, He loves you no matter what 🙂 Thank you for sharing. It also reminds me how lonely Jesus was, or perhaps He still is… How many of us understand Him enough? And so are many Christians who are trying to do His will… May our solitude provides more time and space for Him to fill us up, yet we can unite better as part of His mystical body 🙂 Pray that God’s peace is with you everyday and things work out for you to attend daily Mass, it’s precious food to keep you going! Cheers~

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