Potential Mess

A thought came to mind while watching 奪命金 this morning. In the movie, Richie Jen’s dad was in hospital due to cancer. And he and his wife just found out his dad had a very young daughter with another woman. With his dad hospitalized, unless Richie would take the girl, or she would be sent to 保良局.

When we hear of stories like this, we can’t help but ask why is life so unfair to certain people. It’s sad that some children were born due to irresponsible acts by their parents. People are fallible. It’s so easy to make bad choices in our lives.

This reminds me of something 陶傑 asked in his column a long time ago. He asked why God would put humans in a position where we are left to figure out the right thing to do? If He knows humans are so weak and easily tempted, why would He be so brutal to leave humans to make all these choices? I think I finally understand why today.

It’s true that God has entrusted a whole lot to humans. He gave us the earth to take care of. He gave us the ability to create lives. He gave us intellect to think freely. It’s not like He didn’t know how bad things could get screwed. Knowing how bad things could potentially become, He still allows us to think and act freely. He does that because He is willing to 包底. Jesus descended to the earth so that through Him, even though we screw up, we are protected from death.

God is the greatest father (or leader). When we take on a leadership role, often times we would give limited room for our subordinates to act. It is because we know that if something goes wrong, we have to clean up the mess. The more power we give to our subordinates, the greater the chance they can screw up. It takes a lot of trust to empower them. And more important, it takes a lot of LOVE to be willing to clean up the mess that can be resulted.

Instead of asking God “Why do you leave me to make all these choices?”, what we should really be asking is “Why do I deserve so much love? How can I make the best use of the power you’ve entrusted to me?”


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