Fairness can only get us so far…


「憤恨與惱怒,兩者都是可憎惡的,但罪人卻堅持不放。」– 德訓篇 27:33

「如果你們各人,不從心裡寬恕自己的弟兄,我的天父,也要這樣對待你們。」– 瑪竇福音18:35

Stop Thinking Like an Accountant

“Jesus is very clear about this: throw away your ledgers and your accountant’s hat, and think like a parent who never gives up loving and hoping for the child.  It’s the only way to live, and a much happier way to live.  And it will get your own heart wide open to receive all the forgiveness and understanding that you need.”


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