I went to a sharing session today held by a friend whose husband regained his Catholic faith during a pilgrimage to Medjugorje.

Just want to jot down the things that struck me:

  • It seems like God reserves the special “signs and wonders” for those who really need to see them. Only those who need to see them will see them.
  • If we only have a tiny bit of faith to invite, God will work wonders. We have to allow God to work. We cannot intervene. (Together with what my other friend told me several days ago, do not think so much about how you feel, it’s important to think about that person. The question you should ask is: what does God want me to do for this person?)
  • The faith/conversion builds up bits by bits. We should not expect a change overnight. We should be sensitive to any progress and be glad about it. We need to persist.
  • The conversion of one soul takes many different people’s work. If all of us do our own part (sometimes it’s just a tiny, tiny part), God would do the rest.
  • Do not underestimate the impact of our action/inaction. Do not ignore someone’s request for help even though you strongly believe he/she would be just fine WITHOUT your help. What if God really wants YOU to help out (for your own sake)?
  • Our sincerity makes a difference. (Getting into the visionary’s house) Even though it was not the “confirmation” that he was seeking for, the fact that they got in after trying so hard made him realize it was indeed a very special experience.

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