Two days ago I came across the following article:

It spoke to my heart. I was especially struck by the first point.

Withholding Your Best Self.
At Mass we begin by asking forgiveness for what we have done and what we have failed to do. Often what we have failed to do presents the more significant moral lapse. Have I withheld my encouragement or my attention? Do I withhold forgiveness or kindness? Stop to think of ways you withhold your gifts while with your family, at work, or in the community, and then bring the gift of your best self to the world.

Recently, I always think that my shortcoming is more in what I “failed to do” than in what I have done. It seems like I am being bounded by an invisible barrier, that I cannot freely offer the help, the encouragement, the love that I know I should offer.

I ask myself: what are you holding onto? What stops you from being generous?

Is being generous a sign of being “won over”? Is being loving “not cool”?

The Bible tells us very clearly that it doesn’t matter what other gifts we have. If we fail to love, we are pretty much “useless”.

Lord, teach me to love.


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