Why marriage is hard

I never underestimated the hard work required for a successful marriage. This morning, through some experience of working with other people (not that they relate to “marriage” in any sense), it just dawns on me once again that marriage would only work by God’s grace.

One major difficulty lies in communication. When is the right time to voice your concerns? What is the right way to say them so that the other person would get it? How should the message be presented without stirring hard feelings? How to remain calm when the issues drive you nuts? How to get the courage to start over again when things have failed so many times before?

If not by God’s grace, how can we as flawed human beings be able to endure with each other? With husband and wife, there is no escape for they have to face each other day in and day out.

God, be in charge of all our relationships, for our personal life or at work, we don’t know how to handle them without Your help.

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