Revisiting a funeral

Up to this date, I’ve done approx. 5 videos for my friends’ weddings, they are either slideshow or best wishes from people, except one which was a a “parody MV”.

On the past Sunday, I got a request to edit a friend’s funeral, and it’s pretty rush request. That was totally unexpected. I would imagine there would be someone more “qualified” to do it, on a professional level and an emotional level (like, someone closer to her than I am). But in a way, I am glad that I get to do this one last thing for her.

I was a little worried when I started capturing the video. Watching scenes from the funeral over and over again doesn’t sound pleasant at all, especially for scenes that have close-ups of her in the casket. But surprisingly, I felt alright.

As I spent more time on it, I like the songs that she picked more and more. I think it would be nice to display the lyrics as the songs were sung. So I ended up find myself adding lyrics to all four songs (and was enjoying the process).

There is a song named “She Danced”. It is composed by a very good friend of hers. The lyrics are totally about her. I’m sure she loves the chorus:

by Rev. Alfred Lam

You never lived a day that’s not worth your dreams
Never stop dancing, as hard as it seemed
You breathed in the rhythm, flowed with your movement
Lost in the music, alive to the moment

Your life is for living; Your art is for giving
Fear conquering, pain overcoming;
So I’ll live my days just looking, looking, looking to that day
The day of “The Dance”

Queendy, thanks for planning the funeral. I like everything you picked.

All I Once Held Dear (Knowing You)

What A Friend We Have In Jesus

I Can Only Imagine


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