“Coming out” as a Catholic at work

The Confession iPhone app has been out for a while and was featured in tons of media during the past 2 days. It was such a hit topic that it was mentioned by a co-worker during our bi-weekly team meeting this afternoon.

As soon as it was mentioned, people started saying things like that’s how people can confess their sins now, right there with the app. And some people regard it as a sin tracker. I couldn’t help but jumped in to say that the app is supposedly for PREPARING for the sacrament, before people go see the priest. People are NOT supposed to confess to their phones! To make sure my point is “valued”, I identified myself as a Catholic and that I’ve already looked into the app.

I think this is the first time I “came out” formally as a Catholic at work. (Some people might have already noticed when they pass by my desk, seeing the pictures of Jesus and Mary on the CMC calendar.) Now that my Christian identity is made public, I have to work harder to make sure my actions and behavior are worthy of my identity.

Another lesson I learned from this iPhone app:

I read that the developers who wrote the app are apparently good, practicing Catholics. They wrote the app in consultation with a priest. But the fact that they picked such a misleading name is disappointing… However good intentions they have, having such a name is doomed to be misunderstood by most people and media. The media would seize every chance to jump at conclusions without doing deeper investigation.

That’s an important lesson. We have to exercise lots of prudence when it comes to presenting matters related to our faith. Every careless decision causes damages.

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