Tonight, I’ve identified one aspect of my personality that needs to be urgently worked on -> to be more assertive.
Found 2 excellent articles online:
I don’t recall I had any plans to consciously overcoming my weaknesses in the past. I was always seeking to master some sort of technical skills or acquiring knowledge in different fields. I guess I’ve finally come to a point that makes me realize just how important these soft skills are. Lots to learn but at least now I admit I REALLY need to work on them. (*Giving myself a pat on the back*)

One thought on “Enlightened

  1. Teresa says:

    I just think and I believe more persons would feel the same way that you Rosa ^&^ are a person who possess so many good personality. I don\’t justsay in general, they apply to spiritual perspectives as well. And the pointis, you never know how much positive influence they have on people around you. Yes, I am the person who was moved and touched by you all the time!
    Jesus just tells me nothing is impossible as long as I still not givingup hope in disasturous times! Without thinking like this, life won\’t be as
    meaningful as now….ya….u lived out a meaninful life inmy heart!

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