An Inconvenient Justice

There was a documentary on global warming called "An Inconvenient Truth". If ignorance about global warming is an inconvenient truth, then ignorance/denial of the atrocities committed by the Japanese Imperial Army during WWII can perhaps be regarded as an inconvenient justice.
I went to a witness forum on Sunday afternoon where 4 former comfort women shared their painful stories. Two of them are 80, another two of them are 84. They came from China, Korea, the Phillipines and the Netherlands. They spoke very different languages but they all went through the unspeakable evil imposed on them at a young age. The Chinese woman Liu, couldn’t help but broke up crying like 3 times while re-telling her stories. She was first raped by the Japanese army at age 9. The Korean woman Jang, bore 4 children, 3 stillborn and her daughter died at 20 of a heart disease. She still suffers from sexually transmitted disease to this date. David, the Filipino woman not only got raped by the army but also saw her grandmother being raped. van der Pleog, the Dutch woman said it took many, many months after the war for her to convince herself it hadn’t all been her fault.
No one in this world deserves such torture. It’s ridiculous how the repeated outcries of these women were ignored over and over again. One of the reasons that supported them to stay strong to live till this day is so that they can tell their stories, and get the apology and reparation that are long overdued. Please spend 1 second to try imagine how much courage is needed to JUST to stay alive after one has experience such trauma. I’d also like to say that the point of asking for an official apology from the Japanese government is not about finding someone to blame. It’s pure INJUSTICE if these women don’t even get a word of apology.
(An aside: Another thing that "provokes" me is when I heard from the radio today. One of the commentators said that he hopes that party politics does not get in the way of getting this motion passed, because this is a matter of justice. Those who know me well enough should probably know what got stirred up in my mind, yes, I immediately thought of the abortion debate. If this comfort women issue is about justice, why is the abortion debate NOT about justice? The abortion debate is often brought up as "party politics"/"right wing" etc etc. Ok, let me stop this for now…)
Can I urge every one of you to spend a few minutes to type up a quick email to your MP? You can find your MP just by entering your postal code here: The email can be very simple. Just tell them that you want them to vote YES to Motion 291.
News coverage about yesterday’s forum:
山西劉面煥遭蹂躪20日全身腫 「慰安婦」泣控日軍 聽眾同灑淚
Wartime sex slaves seek Ottawa’s help for apology
I’ve taken a few pictures yesterday. Didn’t sit close enough, my cheap lens is too cheap for nice pictures.

One thought on “An Inconvenient Justice

  1. Vicky says:

    Your pictures and sharing bring a powerful message. Maybe coz we\’re girls and i find it particularly painful to listen to their testimony. Thanks for sharing Rosa!
    P.S. And thanks for the youtube links to the RTHK programme.

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