I was a bit stressed a few weeks ago about various things: work, church work etc. And I guess my constant lack of sleep resulted in the relapse of a disease I suffered from in the past. Don’t worry, it’s not very serious.
I’m reminded tonight in prayers that… If one is stressed because of small things like these, it’s a good thing.
A long time ago, I was not stressed, but I was in constant sadness. I worried about unplesant surprises all the time. I had no time to worry about school and exams, for I had greater things to worry about.
Thankfully, God helped us go thru the darkest times.
When you think you’re stressed over small things, give thanks to God, for you don’t have greater issues to think about.

3 thoughts on “Blessings

  1. Pat says:

    Remember this passage? 
    "Do not worry about tomorrow, as tomorrow will take care of itself." 
    I kind of have a high workload stacked in front of me as well….something out of work issue.  All church issue as you might think of.  Uuumm….imagine there are 4 webs related in Church, all need to start from scratch!!!  Plus………..more……
    Don\’t worry!

  2. Pat says:

    It\’s a blessing indeed, that I can never think of.  : ) 

  3. Rosa says:

    Even thought I think it\’s a good thing to ONLY have work etc to worry about. 4 web sites still sound very scary to me =P Take care… We can only serve God if we be nice to our bodies.

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