Jesus in disguise

People often say (esp after going on a trip to a poor country, volunteer experience): "I see Jesus in these people".
I’ve heard so many people saying it so I’m pretty sure that’s what really happened to them. But I remember I asked God once, I really don’t see how You can be found in these people~ And somehow I got my answer tonight after reading today’s gospel: Luke 24:13-35
就在那一天,他們中,有兩個人往一個村莊去,村名厄瑪烏,離耶路撒冷約六十「斯塔狄。」他們彼此談論所發生的一切事。正談話討論的時候,耶穌親自走近他們,與他們同行。他們的眼睛卻被阻止往了,以致認不出衪來。 (Luke 24:13-16)
It seems that Jesus deliberately made these guys not being able to recognize Him. Why would Jesus want to do that?
In my opinion, it’s very easy to be good to Jesus – if we know THAT is Jesus. Jesus is obviously good, He loves us, He saves us. So it makes perfect sense for us to love Him, if we know that is indeed Him. And that’s just being good to someone that is nice (way beyond nice in this case of course)! Would Jesus give us something that EASY to do? No.
These disciples showed their hospitality to Him by inviting Him to stay with them – without knowing they were extending their welcome to Jesus. And this is how they got rewarded – Jesus really stayed with them! Also, Jesus are supposed to be in each every one of us, since we’re made in the likeness of God.
What I learned from this is that, I don’t think I’d be able to tell Jesus in disguise. And to prevent myself from mistreating Him, I guess I need to be nice to everyone  This is gonna be hard, but I gotta try~

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