The good found within imperfections

To love our neighbor in charity is to love God in man.

St. Francis de Sales

I was sharing with Vivien, Ada, Amy, and Anthony tonight… speaking of living out the ideals realized from the pilgrimage to holy land in our daily lives is nearly impossible… I see a huge gap that separates my imperfections, distracted daily life from the perfect way of life as a Catholic…

And then I see this quote on the EWTN daily readings page…

Humanity is imperfect, yet humans are made in the likeness of God… Within the imperfection of humans, we are still able to find the goodness of God… This is how God decided to create us to manifest His divinity.

Our daily lives are FAR from perfect… The people we have to deal with day-to-day are not all kind people… But that doesn’t mean we can’t bring goodness into all these imperfections that we all contribute to… If all of us strive to live out our BEST possible selves, with the help from the Divine, we’ll drive this world of imperfections closer to perfection…

We just have to keep trying~  (This face used in this context is to show my determination, not supposed to be interpreted as an angry face)


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