Learning to be more mature

Work has been crazy for the past few weeks. That has its good and bad. The good side is that you didn’t have time to think about things that you shouldn’t think about, and you get really good sleep at night. The bad side is you didn’t have time to spend time thinking about things that you need to think about, and to spend time for rest (phyiscal and prayers…)
It’s good to have a long weekend after this crazy work when I can really come to rest and spend some quiet time with God.
After all these years, I’m still so immature. I still find myself very annoying (both to others and to myself). I still find myself having unreasonable expectations of others. I’m still so self-centred. There’s this inner anger and unrest that’s caused by stupid reasons and I’m just preoccupied with this. I’m sure others can feel it too… I’d like to get rid of it, really want to get rid of it. I want to be let go of these stupid anger and feelings of being treated unfairly. I want to embrace all that I have and not look at what I lack. I want to see things from the bright side and stay positive. I want people around me to be happy and make myself happy at the same time.
It’s a season of Thanksgiving. Unluckily I found myself buried in anger and complain mode for the 1st half of it. But luckily God reminds me once again how much I have that I need to give thanks for.
God, strip me from the feelings of being treated unfairly, strip me from my anger. Let my heart be open to Your goodness in Your ways, not mine. Help me see Your love in Your ways, not mine. Help me love. Amen.

6 thoughts on “Learning to be more mature

  1. Ami says:

    I\’m glad you can spend some quiet time with God this weekend =) From what you wrote there, I can see you\’re more mature than many others (incl. me =P). We can never expect ourselves to be perfect, but it doesn\’t mean we cannot do anything about it. I\’m happy to hear that you spend time and effort reflecting on your weaknesses and praying for God\’s help, I should learn from you =)

  2. Wilson says:

    why punish yourself with stress especially when you can\’t control the situation? i couldn\’t agree more that we should be thankful for what God has given us~ we\’re so fortunate to be living so peacefully, with ppl we love, with friends who stand by us~ there might be impossible deadlines to meet or ridiculous demands on us~ but hey, i can still say that LIFE IS GOOD~ i love to see my boss having confidence in my team meeting deadlines and it\’s immensely satisfying tackling these seemingly impossible challenges~ ppl will try to frustrate you, but just shrug it off and let it go~ SMILE and have some fun!

  3. wanda says:

    hey, i understand what u mean in this post and i can say i am going thro\’ a similar phase like this (although the difference is im still studying and u r working). anyways, i think some pressure is healthy but, not an awful lot which will lead one to be frustrated.
    jus give urself some time to reflect and relax. U may find urself soon.
    staying positive is good because only the best come out of ur belief and faith. (read this in a religious book but cant remember the author)
    y do u think u r immature? is it cos someone has said this to u? or u feel u r?
    i think im immature too sometimes from how i think or what i do (esp. wen my parents still think im immature)

  4. VEN says:

    Hey Roaaa Roaaa, when I feel anger or feel like I get treated unfairly, I think of Jesus. Jesus didn\’t do anything wrong and was crucified, is it unfair? yes, but did he complain, no! It\’s the most beautiful example of faith that I often have to remind myself. Also, when I get into a situation of blaming others or self-blame, I know that we are each a masterpiece of God, God loves us sooooo soooo much no matter how imperfect we are!!! If God loves me in my bad condition, I should follow Him and love all people around us, no matter how imperfect they are! At least that\’s my logical thinking hehe.. Yea, but while forgiving others is important, forgiving yourself is even more important. Don\’t hang on to your imperfection and blame yourself, trust His love for you. I see that you\’re really opening up to Him through prayers, I\’ll pray for you for that! Take good care 🙂
    P.S. And embrace your immaturity (I think being immature is an awesome thing in a way, gives you room to grow and be closer to God right?)

  5. Benedict says:

    Sometimes being able to get in touch with your feeling is more important than not to have feelings at all. And I think it is equally important to have both positive and negative feelings. It is much better to feel and be yourself , than to feel and be the imagined-self.

  6. Rosa says:

    Haven\’t had this many feedback to my blog entries for a while! =P Thanks folks for all your thoughts… I think you all raised good points… Guess these are real lessons that I\’m meant to learn, we tend to think & reflect only if things don\’t feel right. Let\’s add oil together la!

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