The Other Side of the Sun

An english song, so rare!  Haha, actually it’s from Chet Lam’s album…
the other side of the sun
曲詞:janis lan & albert hammond
Key: F
Intro: Fmaj7 | Fmaj7 | G9 | G9
Fmaj7                                              G9   
leaving on a boat for beyond the other side of the ocean
C                          C7                       Fmaj7  F F#
bet you in the morning you won’t even know i’m gone
Fmaj7                                    G9
tired of living here in middle of mixed emotion
C                          C7                    Fmaj7   F7
might as well be living on the other side of the sun
 Bb                       C                               Am
*leaving with a feeling i don’t know how i’m dealing with loving you
       D7              Gm
though once i knew the special way
    C7            F                       F7
and what to do to make you stay forever & ever
Bb                       C
even as i’m leaving i’ll never stop believing
    Am                  D7
you are the one who can make me laugh
        Gm                 C7                           F   F F#
and can bring me back from beyond the other side of the sun
Fmaj7                                           G9
sailing down the river i hope i can deliver the morning
C                         C7                       Fmaj7 F F#
wishing on a star for the sun to come out and play
Fmaj7                                          G9
ain’t it funny when it’s over you really don’t remember the warnings
C                 C7                             F         F7
might as well be living out beyond the milky way forever & ever*

2 thoughts on “The Other Side of the Sun

  1. wanda says:

    hihi…i nv knew chet lam has english u know the ablum name ar? thanks!

  2. Rosa says:

    HEY! The album is "travelogue 1". There are more than 1 English song…

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