Long time no blog

I guess it’s been really a while since I last signed in to MSN space. This time it looks different!
So what happened lately?

Weather has been crazy!! This level of heat is almost killing me… FLL2 went to film L’Arche on Monday. And there was quite a bit of time when we had to be outdoor, that was brutal  But we were all grateful that things went really smooth! We had time to have a nice lunch and the weather was fine (as oppose to what the long term forecast said, no thunderstorm… phew)

My camcorder finally arrived!! After almost a month-long of research, I couldn’t quite decide what to get… I was always tied between a newer model with fewer features (yes, Panasonic is weird eh?!) but cheaper and more compact body… or the older model that has more features but more expensive and had been discontinued and some were found to have defects. Which one do you think I picked? Hahaha, I picked the older model in the end  I couldn’t believe it even appeared in my dream  After seeing 5+ scams about this camera on eBay, I ended up seeing some guy in a Panasonic DV user forum who’d like to sell his. Then after exchanging ~10 emails with him, I went ahead with the deal.

It’s my biggest online purchase ever! And it’s not from a store… I placed my trust on this guy and Paypal. And I’m glad that he has been honest  So I finally picked it up last night. He even included a short letter to thank me for buying from him… hehe

What’s more interesting is that I found out that this guy is also Christian (from the tape that he included.. yea, so that tells you how bored I must be, that I checked out what he filmed ). He filmed a lot of Capitol Hill, and his narration said it’s place of hope for people who’d like to change the world. I just find it quite interesting to "meet" someone this way…

Now that this camcorder is passed to my hands, I hope I can make good use of it, to spread the message that God wants me to spread.


2 thoughts on “Long time no blog

  1. wanda says:

    cool a camcorder… what model of panasonic is it? that means u can video urself playing the guitar and post it up on ur blog.. hahaha

  2. Wilson says:

    Windows Lives Spaces so cool eh~ how do you like it so far? try uploading some videos from you DV! alright, i\’ll stop promoting our product =P have fun!

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