Appearance vs. Reality

Recently, a few things triggered some thoughts about this theme again. And I just came across a blog entry discussing about appearance… what a coincidence:
Sometimes I’m disappointed at how I said things with some intended meaning and how they got interpreted by others in a completely different way.. And how people perceive me as a person maybe very different from the way I perceive myself to be… We may think we know some people well, but we never know how close our perception is to the reality…
Hmm… don’t know what I wanted to say…

3 thoughts on “Appearance vs. Reality

  1. fantastic says:

    I just started my own space and I looked down on my home page and saw youy name there, and I clicked on it and read your blog and thought WOW. If you think too much about what others will think about what you say before you say it does it make it any sense? Or are they words cast into the winds of time to be sucked into an unknown universe where all the people will hear it and say, "oh, man, what was that all about?" Maybe, and this is just a thought on my part, we are just suppose to say the words as our mind creats them and let the people who hear them figure it all out. Your brain is always in control, so what the heck? Let the blabbering begin!!!!

  2. Maria says:

    then it boils down to: What is the reality??
    My attempt to answer: everyone is created by God, so every soul is the same… anything else is illusion created by devil…
    easy in principles but so hard to apply when it comes to judging people…. too hard not to judge.. pray pray pray

  3. Jessica says:

    I share your feeling as I was reading through your last paragraph… I felt a bit frustrated when the other is not understanding it the way I meant as I was explaining/expressing something.  But instead of how sis view it as "juding others", that didn\’t strike a cord with what ur paragraph moved me into thinking though.  I felt that it\’s more of a communication problem. dunno.

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