Love others as yourself

This is the commandment from God. I think I’ve never really tried applying it to people that I didn’t like. After immersing myself into C.S. Lewis books for a few months, I finally realize how hard it is to really live this out.
The key to this according to C.S. Lewis is… no matter how xyz123$#@ someone is, we have to pretend as if this guy is loveable, and treat him as the way we treat the people whom we find nice/loveable.
This is hard, especially for people with good memories.
Telling others about the "unjustness" of what he did or what he said might help alleviate our hard feelings at the moment. However, doing so would only reinforce in our minds how unloveable this guy is. If we’re to take Christ’s commandment seriously, and try to really love this guy, by reinforcing how bad this person is, would only make it harder for ourselves to love this person, thus giving ourselves a harder problem to solve.

2 thoughts on “Love others as yourself

  1. Vivien says:

    haha.. i have no answer to this too.. it\’s so hard to love those xyz123$%@#$ ppl 😀 that\’s why we need to depend jesus

  2. wanda says:

    its impossible to love that person as yourself esp. if that person is \’xyz123$#@ \’!!! its difficult!!

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