Dr. Lile is my hero

On Apr 19 lifesitenews.com, there’s a piece of news talking about an online video with a pro-life doctor illustrating partial abortion technique with a baby doll (thus without disturbing/bloody images) to a group of high school students.
He’s such a hero!!  I admire he uses his knowledge and training and find ways to teach people (esp. young people) about lies about abortion…
I feel particularly strong about partial birth abortion. Reason being, it’s not that the life of a ready-to-be-delivered baby is more precious than a fetus or fertilized egg at a much earlier stage. It’s because partial birth abortion is 1000000% much more unreasonable than an abortion done in earlier stage. I don’t see how a mother’s life would make any difference if the baby is delivered LIVE. If the mother/family really can’t support the baby, there’s adoption… The baby is already THERE… 90% of his/her body already exposed in the air, outside of the mom’s body… in this world!
If you don’t know what partial birth abortion is about (or if you already know, remind yourself about how cruel it is), WATCH THE VIDEO (I mean, if you took the time to see the stupid Jay Leno phone booth video, spare a few minutes to watch this one pls…)! I can’t think of anything more inhumane than this. The tools (that is the 兇器) used are xyadfasd3@#@ (I don’t know how to describe…)
Here’s the link to the video again: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IN7W7aZQfLA
Lord have mercy. Please wake up the conscience of those doctors who are willing to perform this kind of procedure.

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