We live in a world full of assumptions. Sometimes we aren’t even aware of all the implicit assumptions that we make… I read some pages from the Screwtape Letters during breakfast (reading has been a daily morning routine since I started having breakfast at tea restaurant..hohoho ), somewhere in the 21st letter (too lazy to get the book from my car or else you’d have to bear with another blog entry full of quotes…) it talks about the idea of "ownership". The example he gave is "ownership of time". We’re unhappy when something unexpected happen, and that something takes away our time… and we start whining (internally or externally). Screwtape says humans are so used to live under the assumption that we own time. We claim we own time, so we  when "our" time is stolen… What if the assumption is wrong?
He started saying many problems come from assumptions like this… Many people thought we own our bodies, and they can do whatever they can to it (all the unchaste stuff & abortion etc) But the thing is, are our bodies ours?
I think our dissatisfaction comes from (false) assumptions in general. Our reasoning/reaction are so closely tied with these assumptions. They are so deeply rooted that they become truth to us…we rarely have doubts about those at all.
Basically why I’m grumpy all the time is because of the assumptions below:
  • Mom "should" know I’m tired after work, so anything that she wanna say to me should be said at a "better time"
  • People "should" remember things that I’ve told them before.
  • People "should" know what’s the "right time" to tell jokes.
  • People "should" understand what I think perfectly after I told them once.
  • People "should" have seen/read the stuff that I’ve seen/read.
  • People "should" be free when I think they’re free.
  • People "should" know I’m "nice" but demanding.

 Starting to know more about my ugly self…


One thought on “Assumptions

  1. Vivien says:

    可能是我們太過自我中心一切也從自己出發所以放下自己be humble很重要讓天主聖神在我內工作將一切榮耀歸於主Amen

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