1st guitar lesson

I finally had my 1st guitar lesson tonight! It was very good  I should have gone muchhhhhhhhhhhhhh earlier! Wasted so much time learning on my own, playing songs randomly isn’t a good way to learn
So there are actually shortcuts to change chords faster~ The seemingly difficult variations of those chords are actually useful!! A long way to learn ar… work hard work hard
The teacher is nice too! He didn’t stop teaching when the timer rang…even when I’ve packed my stuff and put on my jacket, he’d still try to show me more shortcuts… Guess the $$ I spend is well worth it!!

4 thoughts on “1st guitar lesson

  1. Pancake says:

    you gotta show me these short cuts someday !

  2. Maria says:

    lo lic, ga yau! =D

  3. Louise says:

    I want to learn how to play guitar too, funny part is, I have a guitar, but I don\’t know how to play it.
    Actually that guitar, was from the previous owner of the house. He/She left the guitar behind… I wonder why… Heehee

  4. Vivian says:

    Good that you\’re enjoying it ….. ~

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