Nothing is impossible

Nothing is impossible. I once thought what the world will be like without Tim Hortons… Tim Hortons is still right at where I work… But I don’t need it anymore!
Bunnyyappi still holds a cup, but it’s tea, no longer coffee!

4 thoughts on “Nothing is impossible

  1. Jessica says:

    woah! thx so much for this blog!!! It gives me… HOPE!
    I feel ashamed after reading what you wrote… because of what you\’ve done.
    I was just telling my sis yesterday.. how after last wccc meeting about Marian Apparition, the word "fasting" hits me.. I think I am too addicted to coffee and should stay away from it. But guess what? I\’m now at DC. My mug is filled with exactly what you had from 99-05 — Tim Horton\’s coffee. -_- \’\’  Felt so disappointed at myself… I used to be able to be very determined and stick with what I have deteremined to do… sigh.

  2. wanda says:

    wah u cutting coffee out of your life too.
    coincidentally me too ar!!!
    And i like the title of ur entry…
    \’Nothing Is Impossible\’ ~ totally agree!

  3. Rosa says:

    Hey Jess, don\’t be disappointed~ At least you had the heart to do it… BTW, I didn\’t mean to cut off coffee on purpose… I just realize lately, yee… I don\’t really need coffee to survive… So yea… nth is impossible… I\’m glad that this super mo liu blog entry (I was like… why am I doing this in photoshop at 1am =P) gives you hope!! Yea… nothing is impossible… remember this!

  4. VEN says:

    WAKAKAKA.. i love the pic you created in photoshop. hehe.. O and of course, love the fact you\’re getting off coffee as well. BUT, you know they say that tea actually has more caffeine? But somehow I can sleep after drinking tons of tea, but not when I drink coffee. Maybe cuz we\’re Asians.. :p
    You should drink more water!!! 😛 If it\’s too "gwa", just add some honey! It\’s good for you.

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