Everything You Always Wanted to Know About God (but were afraid to ask).

This looks like a book that I’d like to get after reading an excerpt of it. Most reviews at Amazon are praising it but a few said it introduces no enlightenments and the author tried too hard to be funny~ Hmm..
From the excerpt I think he’s a pretty good writer, and that he brought up an important point: being religious isn’t necessarily good, having a relationship with God is the real thing.
More quotes from the excerpt:
  • Many people are religious and have zero relationship with God. In fact, being religious can be a bad thing.
  • For many people, being religious and morally "good" are nothing more than fancy ways of trying to manipulate God into giving them what they want.
  • Without a relationship with God at its core, all religion devolves to superstition. And superstitionwhether or not a person calls it that—is against what God wants for us.
  • So God doesn’t owe us anything. He is our loving Father who would do anything for us; he’s not some adversary we are bargaining with! He wants us to see that, and to see that if he gives us good things, it’s because he loves us, not because he owes us.

2 thoughts on “Everything You Always Wanted to Know About God (but were afraid to ask).

  1. Maria says:

    so what is "having a relationship with God" if being religious and morally good is not building a relationship?
    I *think* the author emphasized the wrong part of the sentence….. he should emphasize what is their intention to do good.  The author mean that since many people think they can get want they want this by trying to be good… it is the motivation and intention problem…

  2. Rosa says:

    I *think* what the author meant by being "religious" is that most ppl think of religion as following a set of rules and rituals… And by following that, ppl would earn heaven… But if the focus of a "religion" is not on God (or having a relationship with God), then that "religion" is bad… It\’s the same thing (intention and motivation) that you talked about… it\’s just the way he presents it… I think I\’ll get the book =P At least it tries to be funny, I\’ve been trying to find books that talk about faith with humour…

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