A nice practice homily on Valentine’s Day

Came across a link to a nice practice homily by a seminarian on Dawn Patrol~ It’s for a homiletics (what a word!) course… I think it’s very well-written~

3 thoughts on “A nice practice homily on Valentine’s Day

  1. Vicky says:

    I really like the couple analogy in Dennis\’ homily.. Thanks a lot for sharing Rosa!! It\’s soo true that
    "Yet we live like we always have, comfortable with our regular way of doing things, not noticing that God is revealing his love to us in a new and different way."
    The nails on the hand versus the nails of the crucifix – very creative and it makes me think. Are there times when we\’re too obsessed with the nails on the hand that we totally missed out the nails of the crucifix?

  2. Maria says:

    I think he would be a good priest that give good homily!!
    Read "Why does he want to be a priest" essay~  that\’s inspiring too!

  3. VEN says:

    WA… super jan!! it\’s a very good homily lei.. esp it\’s only a practice one! Hmm.. it does make me think.. How can I pay more attention to see his love??

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