There are 2 things to write about.
Just watched 新聞透視, it’s pretty good bor. The first story is about how many cities in China have lifted the ban of the use of 炮仗 and 煙花. While people get really excited over being able to play with those, there are actually MANY people who risk their lives in producing these products. (This brought back some memories… I remember I played with fireworks once in my lifetime, at around age 10 in 珠海. That time one of those "spark" got into my eyes!! And I was so scared that I’d become blind… But still I thought it’s kinda cool and fun… And after seeing so many movies/TV, the first word that comes to my mind about playing fireworks is romantic! Watching this feature story sorta rings a wakeup call in my head~ I’d probably refrain from playing with these in the future, even if it’s allowed…) The reporters interview some people in 江西省, where most 炮仗 are manufactured in China. 80% of the revenue of that province comes from the production of 炮仗.  They are everywhere in people’s home! Everyone in the family has to help making those, the young, the old… And a mother lost her son in an explosion at his school, which she suspects is due to the school made the students produce 炮仗… She has no choice but asked her daughter to make 炮仗 during her winter holidays… Sigh… I never knew that it’s immoral in a way to get such products… One phrase that fits this perfectly, it’s exactly 將快樂建築在別人的痛苦身上
The other feature story is about how more musicians now perform in HK shopping malls. The guy they interview is Phoebus Chan, haha, I know him coz he’s the guy who played 化蝶 (live version) for hocc! He’s indeed amazing, a human jukebox… 原來he passed gr. 8 piano exam at 9, and reached performance level at 12 (sweating… ). It’d be awesome if we can have such performance here in TO… Even when they get pianist playing piano in Pac Mall, I don’t think they accept people to 點歌. It’d be awesome if they can have more interaction with those people in the mall… Oh well, ying la HK malls…
Was chatting with Vivien on MSN today… She was asking me what to do on Tuesday… What do I have to do on this special day le?  So I just suggest why not go sing K? And she is fine with that wor… Sure… My LHK tradition (started last year) can be continued la! Yeah!

2 thoughts on “Miscellaneous

  1. VEN says:

    hehehhe.. i know what LHK stands for.. 😛 but are u guys going to take one again? hehe get some chocolates ma!
    interesting story about the fireworks. when i was in macau in Nov, I realized they banned the "floor fireworks".. u know the ones you throw on the floor and they give a "pak" sound? hehe.. i used to love playing those… so I was pretty upset when I found out it\’s banned. But I had no idea how making fireworks could be so dangerous. Maybe it\’s the home-made ones la, I\’m sure the professional ones have some sort of safety measures gei. (did u see the HK chinese new year fireworks? ho ying lor!!)

  2. Benedict says:

    There is still a risk, even when the professionals are handling the fireworks. I think last year, after the Chinese New Year in Hong Kong, when the workers were removing the remaining fireworks, some of them exploded and killed several workers.
    So yeah, as beautiful and as they can be, it is indeed quite dangerous.

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