London + Jean Vanier

I found that most of what I wanted to talk about has already been covered by Miss Wong’s =P So let me paste the links of their blogs in mine =P
Big Wong
Wong #2 (yeah, you’re always #2 =P you became our human recorder for the talk..yeayea)
Regarding "living at the present", yeah… I never understood what that really meant before… but now I guess I do… It’s so hard to do though. And Amy mentioned to me (after we got back to TO, walking in T&T) a bible verse which has to do with "living at the present" too (she was actually talking about sth else, but I think the bible quote fits with this theme very well le…):

Matthew 6:25-34

為此,我告訴你們:不要為你們的生命憂慮吃什麼,或喝什麼;也不要為你們的身體憂慮穿什麼。 難道生命不是貴於食物,身體不是貴於衣服嗎﹖











Regarding the other thing which I got out from Jean’s talk, it’s about "messengers of hope". Most of us would tend to think when we help the unfortunate, those who’re handicapped, we’re *helping* them. But in fact we’re often the ones who should learn from them. Why are those who are handicapped, those who are marginalized the "messengers of hope"? It’s because despite of their disabilities, they still live every moment to its fullest… Like what Jean said, they’re so fully alive… If they could do it despite their apparent disabilities, doesn’t that bring the rest of us a message of hope?


I was disappointed that the talk was so short, but then I realized at his age, it’s pretty unreasonable to expect he’d give a 2-hr talk. As Maria said, being able to see him in-person is good already =)


The dinner was really great, it’s true Italian food with reasonable price (the pasta is quite big!). Here’s the name and the address of the restaurant, if you go to London, give it a try la:


Bertoldi’s – Classic Italian Restaurant & Bar

650 Richmond St., London, ON N6A 3G6

T: 519-438-4343 (menu provided at their website in PDF format! Try Rosa’s Chicken for $14.99 if you go there )


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