How long does a life need to be?

I came across this article on how a mother (with 2 kids, 1 with health problems (seizures)…and with financial problems) decided to carry her twins till their birth (1 of her twins is diagnosed with Anencephaly, which means he’d be born without the largest part of his brain…)
It’s not the first time for me to read stories like these… I’ve read a book (Waiting with Gabriel) 2, 3 years ago about how a mother did something similar with her son who was diagnosed with serious heart problem… but that was a Catholic couple, who had more support…more resources… But this time, I even doubt if I’d be able to NOT consider abortion I were she… She knows the other twin is healthy, she knows she has 2 other kids to care about… With boyfriend moved out… why would she want to bring her son to this world, knowing he’d only live for just a few days?? It’s a story of faith… of a woman who recently started going to church…
The notion of perinatal hospice is a great idea… I can’t imagine the pain a mother would need to undergo throughout her pregnancy… Getting baby clothes in the morning and going to funeral home to look at caskets in the afternoon?! Before preparing for the baby’s birth, she needs to learn how to tell signs of her baby dying… I can’t even call it bittersweet… it’s bitter
It’s amazing how Baby Lee, who lived for only 49 hours, converted his mother: "It makes me want to get my life right," Danielle said. "So I can see him again." (I never thought too much about have to live my life good enough to go to heaven to see my loved ones… guess that’s a really good motivation…)
Love your lives folks! Thank God for the wonderful life that has been granted to me.

4 thoughts on “How long does a life need to be?

  1. Maria says:

    yea.. i admire her courage.. maybe we never would understand unless we become a mother.. like her.. she had an abortion before, but after she give birth to her son, she realize how precious life is! 
    judging from the article (the style is too "seen ching" to me… don\’t like it… =P) how about the daughter~  although the son has a short life, the mom has to take care of the girl too ar~ everyone\’s attention is on the son, sounds unfair to the girl gum!  maybe it\’s just the author of the article….

  2. Felicia says:

    wow…is that why this story appears in the skit at the meeting today?? ~.~

  3. Rosa says:

    Ha?? What happened in today\’s meeting?

  4. Felicia says:

    oh…the topic of the mtg is DEATH ah! super "ho yee tou" to talk about this topic during Chinese new year…haha…but anyway..
    jack and paul started off with introducing the book Five People You Meet in Heaven! You read that!!!! and then talked about why people are afraid of death. Basically there are 3 main reasons:
    1. Miss the current (living) world
    2. Uncertain about life after death
    3. forgot jor..
    Then we formed into 2 groups and each group was given an outline of a story. We had to fill in the details and act it out as a skit. Basically both skits involve how to encourage a person who wants to die. One of the stories is about a cancer patient who is dying in a few months, and requests "On Lok Die" from her doctor. The doctor then encouraged her with the story about Baby Lee! The other story was about a teenager who lost his parents in the Egypt car accident…ya…such a long comment…hehe…

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