The Solemn Profession of Sister Teresa Magdalene

So glad that I went to the Solemn Profession of Sister Teresa Magdalene Tsao… We witnessed how someone
could love Jesus soooo much…

There were so many priests, from Mississisauga, Newmarket, CMC, and even San Francisco… It took so
long for Deacon Ho to introduce the co-celebrants. Among the ones who attended, I saw many parishioners
from different parishes as well…

The family of Sister Teresa helped out with all parts of the mass, her sisters did the readings, her parents
and nephews/nieces were presenting the bread and wine… I love the homily given… The english one
talks about what it is that Sister Teresa is doing… that she’s willing to give up everything – the degrees
that she earned and the bright career ahead – to join a cloistered community, to be isolated from the
world… It’s all about marriage – a spiritual marriage with Christ – to be in union with the everlasting, ever faithful, the all powerful Lord.

Fr. Fu then gave a Chinese one afterwards… He was a bit 無厘頭 in the beginning, about being 同胞 with Sr. Teresa at 2 levels – being Chinese and American citizen And told of a story of how a girl named Angela responded to God’s call and became a nun, God rewarded her by making all the 豆皮 on her face to disappear God is good! In the 正經 part of his speech, he invited the audience to a small , to do some good works in the coming weeks… So that after 99 (magic number!) years, there will be 601 (magic number again!) more people in heaven…

The most touching part of the ceremony for me was when the priest presented the 3 things to Sr. Teresa, which includes the black veil (as a sign of the promise to God), a crucifix, and a crown. After she got presented these 3 things, the priests came and greet her one by one. Everyone there at the ceremony could feel the joy! At that moment, I felt like attending a wedding… Tears just flowed from my eyes…

The mass took longer that I thought… I had to leave right after commuion… Glad that I could hear they sang
the communion hymn completely, it was the song from Therese (don’t know what the song is called…)

I wish Sr. Teresa all the best~ God would reward her greatly, for she has given up everything to follow Him. May we all open our hearts a little wider, to hear God’s voice, and to serve Him the best we can.


2 thoughts on “The Solemn Profession of Sister Teresa Magdalene

  1. Maria says:

    jong gwai ar, u didn\’t tell me that you are going!  I was thinking of going, but I forgot the exact time it starts… and I thought I will be there all by myself! =P

  2. Rosa says:

    aiya, being yelled at tim =P Being there by yourself shouldn\’t be a reason of not going =P Oh well… I don\’t know why I didn\’t ask you… perhaps I wasn\’t sure if I was going 100%

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