Lion is the best

Finally watched Narnia with Amy (aka my movie buddy) tonight~ It was great!! Even tho I couldn’t understand the plot completely (due to my poor listening skills for the British accent…), I find it very good! Aslan is just soo nice! He reminds me of Jesus~ The moment when he got shaved was heartbreaking  His selflessness and sacrifice… arrghh.. and I like how he heals by "breathing" too!  He’s great!! I’ll probably get the book to read to really understand the plot~ Should start reading C.S. Lewis

7 thoughts on “Lion is the best

  1. VEN says:

    Hey! I loved Narnia too, and esp when I could recognize some biblical references and stuff.. it\’s just awesome!! BTW, I\’m getting the book, I could lend you first to read if you want, I don\’t think I\’ll be having much time in the next months… hehe RAHH RAHH!!

  2. Benedict says:

    Although I have yet to watch the movie, but people are saying that this movie (and the novel indeed) is based on the Bible.

  3. Vivian says:

    Maybe I could watch Narnia next time. Last week I was deciding between Narina or Fun with Dick and Jane, but I went to see "Dick and Jane" instead. Actually FYI , Dick and Jane is quite funny. I usually not like Jim Carrey that much. I always find him over-do, but this movie happens to be alright and funny. A simple storyline yet very funny. A good movie if you want a laugh 🙂

  4. Pancake says:

    Great movie. Every scene is beautiful. The good guys are so ying. If I was a ten year old, I would probably want to dress like them. lol.. Btw, the Lion represents Jesus right?

  5. Rosa says:

    Yeah~ I think the Lion represents Jesus… I like the Lion the most… because of his goodness and because of the 親切感 I feel towards lions… (yes, I\’m half-lion half-bunny… RAH~)

  6. wanda says:

    Superb movie…it totally exceeded my expectations! u read the book yet?

  7. Michelle Ming-Wing says:

    Just realized  you have a blog here =b
    I WANNA WATCH THAT! but everyone watched that already =( Maybe I\’ll wait til the DVD is out.
    I\’ve read the books though =) LOVED THEM! nice easy bed time story after a long day at work ~

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