Water water water…

I’m drinking SO MUCH water these days… as an attempt to decrease calories intake… this is how I keep myself awake at work…
Drinking so much water, reminds me of the following:
water water water, drink drink drink
water! drink
water! drink
water water water, drink drink drink!

6 thoughts on “Water water water…

  1. Jessica says:

    don\’t over drink though. Drink too much water will increase your blood pressure (coz water directly increases your blood volume).

  2. Rosa says:

    Oh, what\’s the acceptable amount of water to drink in 1 day? I think I drink like 1.5L water at work… then I don\’t drink much water after I get home…

  3. Teresa says:

    drink all you want before 7pm, then don\’t drink water after 7pm, your kidneys do not function as well at night and you don\’t want all the water to accumulate in your body and become "water swollen".

  4. Benedict says:

    Two (silly) memories came to my mind when I read your blog title: Waterloo Orientation Week and WYD@Toronto. :p

  5. Rosa says:

    Thanks for the advice =) And yea Benedict, it\’s from WYD where I got that "water water water" thing… I was one of those suckers who skipped frosh week =P

  6. wanda says:

    Oops then tt means i must have overdrank water la…but i thought the normal amount a person shd drink is 8 cups of water?i think i over-drank water during my exams time…at least double the amount i usually drink….0_oand yeah i drink a lot of water to stay awake too!

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