Blog ar!

Since *someone* said I don’t blog as frequent now, so I’m gonna blog tonight! wahahahaha  I remember I wanted to blog some mo liu stuff a few days ago, but since it was too mo liu… forgot jor…
I don’t have any topic in mind, just write random stuff…
  • went to S+L promotion team meeting today~ heard that the programme will run for another set of 13 episodes for sure~! Yeah yeah, this is pretty amazing~ They started with absolutely nothing, now have some funding to continue production la… that’s great! Altho it’s a lot of work, but I’m sure I’ll continue to be part of the team!! Yeah yea~
  • work is still pretty mo liu… no real work assigned yet… we spend lots of time drinking and going to washroom  Starting from today, I’m trying to limit myself to have 1 coffee/tea with millk/sugar… coz from looking at those pics taken @ Tremblant, I just think I have to lose some weight  So today I had my milk tea from the tea restaurant, then drink 1 or 2 bottles of water, then drink 2 cups of tea…by that time, I realize I couldn’t taste anything at all  So I drink some Canada Dry (doctor recommended pop – if you really need to drink pop) to revive my taste buds… And that’s how I survived till 6
  • I’ve been asking for a sign from God since the end of this year’s WCCC retreat… and I’m not sure what I’ve seen can be considered as the sign yet… perhaps I need to pray harder… I’ve asked God to be EXPLICIT… coz I don’t want to "goo goo ha" , and interpret anything that goes my way to be God’s signs… guess that’d take a while
  • done editing retreat video last night but it’s too big to fit in 1 or even 2 DVDs, have to find a way la… I’m sure there’s lots of room to reduce the size~~
  • 2 more mo liu stuff from work: (1) to make IM easier, Simon and I started coming up with a set of mapping of boss/co-workers’ names… sometimes realizing the stupid mappings makes it so hard to keep a straight face in front of the computer , it’s not possible to maintain the level of privacy I used to have due to the more open cubes here…. (2) Simon becomes a big fan of v8 lately… but I don’t think I’d try it again (I used to be able to drink it too…but not anymore)… inspired from Jess’s mint chocolate milk’s "recipe", I came up with the tomato soup "recipe"… which consists of 2 steps: a. pour v8 to a bowl and microwave it, b. add salt & pepper to it…and there you go! Hot tomato soup to serve in these cold winter days!
  • oh yeah, hocc won 2 awards in TVB JSG award show  So happy for her ar!!! She looked super sexy that night with her "mo mo" outfit~ Sometimes I don’t think she needs to be this sexy tho  Go go go hocc! I’ll be back for the concert~ oh yea oh yea

One last thing, today marks my 9th anniversary in Canada~~  time flies!!


3 thoughts on “Blog ar!

  1. VEN says:

    YA Hocc is super sexy in that outfit! I loved it.. maybe it\’s your influence la, or maybe she\’s just plain cool, I am begin to like her very much and find her VERY YING!! hahaha.. gotta listen to more songs from her loo…btw, congrats on your 9 years! 😛 many more to come hahaha

  2. Maria says:

    wow! congrats on ur 9th anniversary!I was reading my Gr. 11 notes yesterday.. and was calculating how long was Gr. 11 …. it was in 1996!!! OMG!! Time FLIES…Then today.. my sis ask me: what do u think u will be doing in 10 years? didn\’t end up answering her question… but um… what would I be doing?

  3. Rosa says:

    with regard to 10 years later… the only thing I can think of is that the restriction imposed on my insurance should be lifted at that time =P other than that, I don\’t wanna think about what I\’d be like 10 years later >_<

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