5 Random Things

I was totally clueless about this game Oh well, sure, I can say mo liu stuff…

1. Went out with lunch with the co-workers today~ I totally forgot
there was this weekly meet at 1… When I got back, my boss msged me
about the meeting, I was like "what meeting?" I was late for 40 mins, then when I got there, the meeting end in 10 mins..hahaha

2. Ho big snow ar… but I’m not leaving early…

3. There are quite a number of nice people in this team… There will be a farewell dinner on Monday night People are so nice!!! Even thought I often at work and pretty anti-social

4. Hmmm… Another team lunch tmr… horhorhor, this time with a nicer
feature team… And that manager said he has a surprise for me~ I don’t
know what to expect

5. I realize my things aren’t random at all, there’re all about
work!!!! Hmmm… let me add a bit of randomness… Ah Wong is very
good~ I’m up to episode 7 or so… boil boil again tonight…

5.5. I don’t think I have 5 ppl to tag??? Gum dim?!


One thought on “5 Random Things

  1. Jessica says:

    你想我點?你想我升仙… lalalala… (was just talking about this song with sis this morning. We love the lyrics! lol)

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