Good news!

I was so surprised to check email tonight… there comes the good news!

Thanks be to God!!

The only challenge left is to inform my manager. Then I’ll be happy
happy happy… I feel sorry for the new guy who has only started for
< 3 weeks. I’ll do my best to facilitate the knowledge transfer, and
document the best I can.. (but given the whole paradigm shift, it can
only introduce more mess)

The waiting is over…

Now I looked back, I started looking on Oct 6th, and today is Dec 7th. I couldn’t ask for more…

To those who’re looking, don’t give up!!! Be hopeful, God has it all planned out….


3 thoughts on “Good news!

  1. Louise says:

    What a blessing !Now you could keeeeeeeeeeeeep smiling !!That\’s right. God as it all planned out !Love the last line, brings me great comfort 🙂

  2. VEN says:

    I\’m so happy for you!! The lively rahrah lion is back!! Can\’t wait till OUR dinner kaka… IT also gives me more hope on my end 😛

  3. wanda says:

    Congratulations…..All the Best with your New Job. 😉

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