Memory Loss

Browsing Cintia’s photos page brought me back some memories… I don’t
know why there’s this thing in me, which is pretty abnormal… I don’t
know since when, I become really lazy/reluctant at downloading pics
from my DC to my computer.

For many occasions, I don’t even bother to bring a camera… why why why? What am I afraid of? That I don’t look nice in pics? Well, I’ve already accepted that…



3 thoughts on “Memory Loss

  1. Jessica says:

    maybe it\’s just jess going crazy because of her exams… somehow when she saw "DC"… she was thinking about Davis Centre…

  2. Maria says:

    It\’s because you camera is too big! time to buy a small one~ =P

  3. wanda says:

    wei, don\’t be like that la.We can\’t control how we look ga mah…P.S. You should take pics in occassions and post it up in your blog mah…so i can see them ~ LOL

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