The worst meeting that I’ve ever attended

I got a chance to witness one of the worst meetings at work. It’s bad for several reasons:

First of all, it was totally off-topic (but what was discussed is very
important, so important that at this point, they shouldn’t be still
debating about that). The meeting was called to discuss how our product
should integrate with 3 other components. And here’s how the 1-hr
meeting was spent:

    • 10 min – waiting
    • 45 min – talking about the architecture of the grand topology
      installer plan, which should have been set for long long time ago (I
      see a doom cloud…)
    • 5 min – ended the discussion by finally talking about something
      relevant, by emailing the questions about components integration to the
      architect, to have him make the right decisions

Second of all, the great architect couldn’t find any other ways than
swearing to get his message across. In front of 5 people in the room
and some others calling in, he swore for approx 5 times directly at my
manager. So apparently if you rank is high, you can swear at people to
convince them something is right. In his utopian view as an architect,
he wouldn’t think any practical concern is a concern. If my manager
could have expressed himself better, and uphold his points stronger, he
might have been able to stay firm and not get yelled at.

Other than the one who yell at people, and the one who get yelled at
(and the director who called in for the first 5 mins, I don’t see
what’s the point of involving all of us… Well, that’s probably
because they didn’t foresee it would go completely off topic.

My poor manager said to me at the end of the meeting, "Now you see how
decisions are made". Oh yeah, I see how bad decisions are made.

What a team…


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