Interview Questions!

I’m trying to be more prepared this time, so I search for interivew
questions on the web, a few cool links: (I find the questions so hard!!
I have 0 iq )

The 1st link gives the iq question. The 2nd link only describes very
briefly the question + a very simple answer (an answer that doesn’t
offer much explanation…)

I actually got asked about that 1st question, I was asked "how many gas
stations are there on Steeles Ave.?" After reading the method of
estimation, I realized my answer was a total embarassment


One thought on “Interview Questions!

  1. wanda says:

    Dont worry la, the more practice you get with questions, the better you will be prepared.No-one will know everything ga mah so dont worry too much.Ga Yau 😉

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