“I don’t care”

One of the most common sayings in North America (esp among the younger
people) is "I don’t care". This is one of the sayings that I hate most

First of all, let’s try to see under what occasions people would say "I
don’t care". Usually one says it when he/she is being asked for his/her
opinions/preferences on certain things. If this is the response that is
given, it’s pure disrespectful. Someone CARES enough to ask for your
opionions/preferences towards certain things, if you have no
preference, make it clear you have no preference. "I don’t care" is such
a bad way of expressing it. (As I’m typing it, I also realize sometimes
when my mom asks what kind of vegetable I want to eat, I’d just say "si
dan" w/o any patience… Sigh, I’m bad also. )

Another occasion I can think of is what I usually encounter at work…
There are these *developers* who like to use "I don’t care" to respond
to something that they obviously don’t care, but in fact they should
really care (b/c it’s their job!!!!! damn it) I was mad today at one
point, because there are default values that are used in the
installation of a few middleware. In order to not commit the same
mistakes that we’ve committed last release, I’m trying not to make
assumptions because that proved to be one of the greatest troubles seen
in customer environments. I need to find out what exactly are those
default values, and whether all the info we need to gather from the
user are exposed in the UI. Soooo… I have to ask this guy (whom I
thought is one of the nicest developers around, according to my
experience of working with him) who does the Eclipse UI. So he was
telling me the values are all in a properties file. And I told him I’m
going to let him know when I see default values that need to be
changed… He said I can modify the file directly… And I said no,
because he needs to know what the changes are…. And here he went, "I
don’t care". I’m mad because this is not the only instance of "I don’t
care" that I hear from the *developers*. It’s something THEY NEED TO
CARE!!! I was doing them favour for helping them aware it’s something
that they NEED TO CARE… sigh… people’s attitudes, is one of the 3
factors that I find making my life at work so miserable.

To anyone who might be reading this, don’t say "I don’t care". Find a
better statement to explain your position better. Saying "I don’t
care", is pure irresponsible… inconsiderate of the person whom you’re
talking to…

I’d also remind myself not to say this, and any similar comments "si
dan", "mo sor wai", "whatever"… If someone cares enough to ask me for
my opionion/preferences, these stupid irresponsible statements are not
what he/she deserves.

This is a lesson for myself as well.


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