I thought more about what Fr. Leung said during last night’s
confession. He said I can’t sit here and take entering heaven for
granted. And today during mass, there’s this picture floating in my
mind. Our lives is like a race on the field. Everyone has his/her own
track to run on. The track is shaped differently, with different
curves… There are hurdles along the tracks, the heights of the
hurdles and the number of them vary for everyone. I can’t expect I can
just walk comfortably to finish the race. I need to run, I need to jump
over the hurdles… It’s hard and tiring for sure, but this is
something I need to do. God didn’t say it’s easy to finish this race.
But when He planned our track, He has already taken our
health/condition into consideration. It’s a race tailored for each of
us. 無得扭計﹐體育精神至上。

All the challenges or the things that trouble me are just 雞毛蒜皮, they’re
no big deal at all once I look at what others are facing. There are a
few of us who have to face the loss of loved ones this year… Others
have their own troubles. My problem is not a problem at all…….

There’s also this thought that came to my mind today… When there’s a
hope in front of me, I seem to worry more… What if this hope would
end up shatter once again? I’ve already visualized the desirable
results that I want… When I drove back from Finch tonight, I was
listening to at17’s 你有自己一套, there’s a line 若是沒希望不會失望… This thinking
is way too pessimistic… Thinking too much is no good.

Finally, to retain what I’ve learned from WCCC2 today, let me jot down a few notes:

5th beatitude: 憐憫人的人是有福的﹐因為他們要受憐憫。

  • A big part of it is to forgive those who have trespassed against us.
  • To forgive someone, we have to empathizes with them. We have to
    get over the feeling of hate in order to forgive. We have to pity those
    who have hurt/did something bad to us. (Hard, but we have to try. And
    we can always ask God.)
  • The story about how a Japanese soldier didn’t kill the American
    soldier during WWII, after he saw him taking care of a Japanese girl

6th beatitude: 心裡潔淨的人是有福的﹐因為他們要看見天主。

  • (At first I only thought it means we can’t think bad/watch bad things …) It means we have to be sincere, and not be 偽善. The Pharisees were the counterexample.
  • The word sincere comes from 2 Latin words (which I don’t know how
    to spell). The 1st part means "without", the 2nd part means "wax". In
    Europe, there are many statues (with "white rock"). When there are
    cracks on them, those cracks were mended by wax. The cracks are almost
    invisible after that. We want to avoid the wax. We don’t want to
    "pretend to be good". God looks at our hearts.
  • On "seeing God", there’s no way for us to physically see God with
    our eyes. But we can feel God. The story of a kid flying a kite: the
    kite flies so high, the kid can’t see it, but he could see the
    線轆moving, so he knows the kite is there.
  • There’s no way for us to prove to others about our experience of
    seeing God. It’s not something that’s provable with scientific means.
    It’s okay that we can’t convince others. One has to experience God,
    there’s no way to convince someone into it…


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